1. A

    Flashpoint doesn't work || Can't remove SRTT HQ building [SRIV]

    Sup Guys, wish you nice to all: There is problem with game. I’ll explain briefly, once I downloaded some mods, which ultimately led to the fact that I have buildings (Crib, HQ) from SRTT in the game, and I can’t remove them. And also, I lost the opportunity to clear the flashpoint near this...
  2. MadeOfPuddin

    Character Customization SRIV Customization Items

    The aim of this mod is to add as much customization items (hair, clothing, tattoo) to Saints Row: The Third as the game can handle. It currently adds 45 items for both male and female characters. You can leave your ideas and requests in the comments. I might consider them, but no guarantees...
  3. K

    SRTT - Actually good looking hispanic - no mod - cut scene PROVE!!

    hispanic model too hard to made good? fear not!! no body got left behind!! introducing...... The Hispanic Hottie!!!! damn... that waist... if only....... err never mind again! cut scene prove!!! never let your waifu turned to a 3d mess. NEVER! cold face steel blade chill rain but...
  4. MadeOfPuddin

    Saints Row IV Vehicle IDs

    Most vehicles in the game (in SRTT also) seem to have a unique ID defined for them in their respective _veh.xtbl files, but many of them use the same IDs. Since I couldn't find a related table description section to understand their purpose, I would like to know if these are actually used in any...
  5. MadeOfPuddin

    IV Vehicles Pack (formerly Zin Hovercars)

    Description Adds the regular and turreted versions of the Assert from Saints Row IV. They should be automatically added to your garage. Screenshots Installation Drop all files into your root folder Known Issues - Hitscan weapons will shoot through the cars, projectiles work fine -...
  6. MadeOfPuddin

    Gruesome Gat

    Replaces Zombie Gat's body with Dead Gat's body from Saints Row IV, while keeping the zombie head INSTALLATION If you already have character_containers.asm_pc just drop saints_male_zomgat.str2_pc and saints_male_zomgat_high.str2_pc into your root folder and run the ASM Updater Otherwise drop...
  7. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cleaner Costs v0.1: A Saints Row x PAYDAY2 Crossover Celebration

    Cleaner Costs v0.1 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: "Hey, HEY! Watch your shooting!" -- Bain === Description === Celebrating Saints Row x PAYDAY2 crossover, this mod implements the civilian kill penalty from PAYDAY2 to ALL Saints Row games on PC. When you kill...
  8. Vlad Viper

    Coin Money Replacer For SRTT

    SRTT coin pickup money replacer. If you thought the bulky money stacks were an eye sore for some reason then this is the mod for you! To install it extract both files into the directory where your your exe is. Made By Vlad Viper
  9. Vlad Viper

    SRTT Money Pickup For SR4

    SRTT money pickup ported to SR4. To install it extract both files from inside the chosen rar archive into the directory where your your exe is. Made By Vlad Viper Coin version: ONLY CHOOSE ONE!
  10. nclok1405

    Super Easy Activities

    Super Easy Activities v0.1 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: === Description === This mod makes all activities (including Genkibowl VII) very easy to complete. === Installation === Copy all *.str2_pc and *.asm_pc files in the "mod" folder to...
  11. nclok1405

    Avatar Rampage Mini v0.1

    Avatar Rampage Mini Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: *** Not currently tested with Remaster *** === Description === This mod lets you mess Steelport with Matt's Avatar. Unlike original Avatar Rampage mods, this one doesn't modify *.str2_pc or *.vpp_pc files, so it is...
  12. cediegreyhat

    SuperSonic Mod

    SuperSonic Mod *This is a mod for SRTT*(PC Only) Mod Features -Supersonic Speed(literally fast sprint) -supersonic swimming -faster fire spread animation(its to fast to notice) -other shit too (i added hidden features just find it) -Time Control(Next Update) -Walkthrough walls(Next Update)...
  13. Singa

    Bloody Cannoness Homie

    This mod adds Viola as the Bloody Cannoness to your cellphone as a seperate homie, just like how Josh and NyteBlayde are seperate entries. She will silently unlock alongside Viola after you complete the mission Gangbang. If you load a save that already has that mission completed, you will still...
  14. nclok1405

    [Classic/Remastered] Mission Replay Mini v0.4

    Mission Replay Mini v0.4 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: @Rainzeros confirmed it is working on Remastered! Note you must install Loose Lua Patch first. === Description === This mod enables you to replay completed missions by using the trigger near the pool of...
  15. Singa

    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. Version for the original game can be found here. The vehicles included in this mod: Installation: Open the folder of the vehicle you want and copy its .xtbl-file into...
  16. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    3-in-1 SR1,2&3 Remake

    I already know this will never happen. Please don't refer me to SDKs not being available or not having the engine, software or files from the original Saint Row game. This is something I've been working on since my first playthrough of Saints Row 2, so I feel I need to put it out there. As a...
  17. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

    SuperUI for other games: SR2 | SRTT Classic | SRIV | SRGOOH SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: srtt_superui_v1.7.7z === Description === This mod enhances user interface of Saints Row: The Third in many ways. It also adds some bonus features to missions...
  18. nclok1405

    Saints Row The Third JP Enabler v0.1 (セインツロウ ザ・サード 日本語化ツール)

    Saints Row The Third JP Enabler v0.1 Tool by nclok1405 The tool is released under the MIT license Download: *** Scroll Down for English Readme *** == 日本語での説明 == === 概要 === このツールはSaints Row: The Thirdの日本語字幕・UIを有効化します。...
  19. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Drowning v0.3

    Drowning v0.3 Mod by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: === Description === This mod makes all water and lava of Saints Row games super deadly. === Installation Steps for Saints Row 2 === To install, place "hotels.lua" file to...
  20. Stringman

    SRIV male hairstyles for SRTT

    I'm seeing mods that only include female hairstyles from Saints Row IV so far. If anything, I'm looking for the "Boy Cut" hairstyle from Saints Row IV to be ported or modded to Saints Row The Third.