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  1. All weapons in free roam
    by BadMadScientist
    Beta 1

    "All weapons in free roam" wouldn't see a light of day without official Volition's (Saints Row The Third developer) feedback. Despite the mod's early stage, please consider this package a personal "thank you" shout-out to all of Volition's employees supporting modding community and answering our questions. Let this little mod become an example of your work having a real influence on how we - free-time modders, fans and supporters of the Saints Row franchise - appreciate your initiative.

    Special thanks go to Mike Wilson ([V] Knobby on this board), who lent a hand in this thread: .

    Further words of appreciation go to IdolNinja, Minimaul and rick - for running this board and making this initiative happen!


    The goal of this mod is to let players use SRTT's mission-only weapons in an open world gameplay. In theory, it all comes down to two things:
    1. Making the game preload all necessary weapons assets (like meshes, textures, effects and sounds)...
    2. ...and then customizing their properties so they can be used by the player.

    This mod is still in a beta stage, which means it contains its share of bugs that have to be fixed before final release. Please keep that in mind while playing!
    A word of warning though
    Since we're not able to create new assets (yet!), we're relying on modification of already existing ones. Further, almost all introduced weapons were intended to use under scripted conditions, so their altered properties may influence missions bit (Deckers.die doesn't let you use Avatar's breath of fire, DLC3 cutscenes don't load for unknown reason and please don't try switching to melee weapons while riding on Killbane in Murderbawl since animations will go out of sync; all those missions are beatable though).

    Main Courses
    1. Laser pistol, laser SMGs, laser rifle (Hangar 8 1/2) - those guns won't show up at Friendly Fire if you didn't buy the DLC. I've also toned overheat scale down a bit.
    1a. Super powers (Send in the Clones) - can be only activated via Sandbox+, available here:
    2. Shark (my personal favourite!), Blowup Doll - originally every Murderbrawl weapon had a specific "Death effect" playing on weapon's destruction. Since I've changed all the Murderbrawl weapons to be permanent ("unbreakable"), this effect isn't really necessary anymore. Finally, I've decided to tone their damage down (IIRC it was set to 10000, so one hit = one destroyed car).
    3. Behemot Sword (Deckers.die) - sword wielded by Cyber Avatar. Yes, it's more awesome than its size!
    4. Video camera - it's untextured, but it really doesn't look that bad during gameplay; I've given it only a basic behavior to _fire_up_ your imagination! Also note that video camera won't show up at Friendly Fire if you didn't buy the Gangstas in Space DLC.

    Okay, fine, but the name of the mod is "ALL weapons in freeroam". What's with the rest of weapons?
    It seems like I hit the limit of the XTBL file - which is sadly a dead-end for us at the moment (at the moment, though!) - and therefore had to sacrifice some of the weapons. Those weapons will be thrown into mix as soon as possible though. Here's a list of guns that didn't make it:
    1. Baseball bat (Murderbrawl) - it's a clone-copy of Penetrator, so obviously there were better memory-investments than a reused assets,
    2. Tiki torch, cricket bat, urinal (Murderbrawl) - no memory left for bats and their textures, sorry!
    3. Nocturne VR (Deckers.die) - a reskinned Nocturne with a "left hand" tag set,
    4. Rocket Hammer VR (Deckers.die) - a reskinned Rocket Hammer,
    5. Swarmitron (Tour de Farce) - This gun is a total mystery to me. I really wanted to have it preloaded, but here's the deal: normally, when you equip a DLC gun (even without preloaded meshes), you're missing the visuals but gun doesn't loose its functionality. With Beegun though, you're not even allowed to shoot it - yes, you can see your character holding an invisible gun, but character refuses to squeeze the trigger. It might be a matter of aforementioned table limits, but I really can't say anything for sure...

    1. Unpack the mod's archive
    2. Move preload_items.vpp_pc and preload_effects.vpp_pc into "X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache" and overwrite an already existing file of the same name (hint hint: it certainly wouldn't hurt to back up the original file in the first place!)
    4. Rest of files (7 XTBLs, 4 BNKS_PCs), go to "X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third\"; if asked, click "Yes" to overwrite, but please check other mods' files for possible incompatibility issues (except for audio_banks.xtbl - overwriting is expected in its case however please note that it may result in Sandbox+ on-foot radio bugs).
    5. If you've had already Sandbox+ installed, delete dlc3_effects.xtbl and dlc3_explosions.xtbl from the root.
    6. Run SRTT, load a game and visit Friendly Fire. It's shopping time. For superpowers, enable them via Sandbox+ command CTRL + INSERT.

    Misc info
    Any form feedback is very appreciated! Feel free to ask, suggest, research the matter on your own. If you feel like incorporating the mod to your own mod, just leave proper credits (especially do not forget to credit Mike Wilson, a Volition employee whose knowledge was so crucial for this mod).

    If you're wondering why you have to choose between this mod's audio_banks.xtbl and the one packed with Sandbox+, then it's because - what I believe are - sound asset limits. If you would like to merge those two files together, be my guest, but certain bugs can be expected (i.e. game turning mute after you switch radio stations).

    Most crucial to-do
    (Mod is constantly worked on!)
    1. Getting rid of memory limits (not sure if we can do it without Volition's patches...) to add new weapons and textures
    2. Swarmitron's issue

    As it was mentioned before, Mike Wilson ([V]Knobby) from Volition is THE MAN! Thanks go to IdolNinja, Minimaul and Rick as well (your efforts for running this community shouldn't be overlooked by anyone)!
    Fan of Saints for various fixes in alpha 1.
    Shitface for hinting the idea of incorporating DLC2 video camera

    2013-06-19: original release
    2013-06-20: A hotfix version has been uploaded. Now 7 + HOME Sandbox+ key-combo actually works!
    2013-06-22: Alpha 2 with more weapons available
    2013-06-30: Beta 1 with proper sounds and visual effects! Some of the buggy Murderbrawl's clubs were replaced by a video camera due to memory constrains (sorry, no way to get rid of them atm).

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  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff


    Way to go BadMadScientist, and thanks Mike Wilson and the rest of the Volition devs for all the support!
  3. 50percentJoe

    50percentJoe Modding patch tester

    I love it in ways that would be considered unsavory to love a mod.
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  4. Well this is going fast, thanks :-D!
  5. 50percentJoe

    50percentJoe Modding patch tester

    If you guys somehow get the SR2 weapons working in 3 I will have to break all my Gimp skills out again and crank out some fancy new textures for everything. In fact I might go home and see if I can maybe make the lasers look a little more interesting. I'm not partial to pink myself.
  6. AxlRocks

    AxlRocks Modding patch tester

    Sweet, finally able to use those outside DLC/Missions! I'll be trying it out very soon, looking forward to the Swarmitron hopefully. Good work and many thanks to you and Mike Wilson/Volition!
  7. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Great job! Respect for both BadMadScientist and Mike Wilson from Volition! :cool:
    P.S. 7 and HOME doesn't work. I looked into sr3_city.lua and there's nothing assigned to 7 and HOME - it's still unused. But I found out that the command for spawning GiS weapons is assigned to C and SEMICOLON. :confused:

    I visited my friend who has got SR3 without any DLCs and I found out that DLCs weapons can't be used without properly DLC (when I tried to cycle through DLC weapons on his SR3 by adding commands to Sandbox+ there was message but any weapon didn't show up, in my SR3 it worked fine - the same situation when I tried add GiS weapons to Friendly Fire). So, it's safely to add GiS weapons to shop. ;)

    EDIT 2:
    Alright, I added GiS weapons to Friendly Fire. Actually they have got the same price as the STAG laser weapons. Also, I'm 100% sure it doesn't work without Gangstas in Space DLC (like I said, I did something like that when I was at my mate).
  8. Oh my god YES :D!

    Über-nice work BadMan, and so much thanks to the Volition employees!
  9. San Hol

    San Hol Banned

    "But i don´t want to have Sandbox+" so what to do i really don´t want nothing in Sandbox+ please dont be a typical rude guy i just want to know YES if i need sandbox+ or simply NO just don´t be rude be friendly
  10. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    1. Why someone would be rude? ;)
    2. Why you don't want Sandbox+? You can use everything when you want. Also, it doesn't change anything from original game. :)
    3. If you're using my "GiS Weapons in Friendly Fire" files, you don't really need to install Sandbox+, since all GiS weapons should be available in Friendly Fire (of course if you bought Gangstas in Space DLC). Sandbox+ was needed to spawn GiS weapons for player, but if they're in shop, you don't need that command. Just make sure to don't copy sr3_city.lua file from original BadMadScientist's archive.
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