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    Thanks. The reason we ask that is any mod using asm files will not work correctly with pirated versions. It ends up being a huge waste of effort to even attempt to troubleshoot it otherwise.

    This mod 100% works with every legal version of SRTT. There is nothing special about the full package at all, when compared to the base game. All the files are exactly the same. What has likely happened is that you installed another mod that uses the same asm file and it needs to be updated. I would suggest doing the following as a test:

    * Navigate to your SRTT install folder with the game exe where you installed the mod, and delete all files (but leave all the subfolders.)

    * Verify integrity. You can do this by right clicking SRTT in your Steam library, selecting Properties, clicking the LOCAL FILES tab, then clicking the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE button. This will redownload ~100mb of data.

    * Reinstall just this mod and test
  2. It's entirely possible I messed up somehow when I moved my mods from my previous DLC-free version of SRTT to my new 'The Full Package' version. I *did* encounter some issues with mods, though, although I fail to see a reason since I'm not new to modding in general and I don't see how any of the files are different from previous releases. I'm going to give this another try tomorrow and report my findings. Thanks for your response!
  3. Heya, came in to give you (and all interested) a much updated batch file..
    -featuring a slight rework to the menu that allows you to keep your choices even though you hit 'menu' twice
    (^that reeeeally irked me when I found out I'd have to restart instead of finish),
    -the option to read out a mylist.txt you'd typed in while browsing the pdf,
    -the option to type in a list on the spot (while browsing the pdf on the side)
    --and, the ability to save and load coming in a day..

    I was about to start a huge cleaning so that all the masses of duplicate code would be replaced by cleaner shorter (and thus much easier to check for mistakes) code, but there were a few things I'd need to allign with you on; such as if you'll be keeping your (then) current structure and naming scheme; and how you'd prefer to update/replace files.

    And since I felt it might be time you'd update it soon with SRIV being around, I figured I should give you a heads up .
    Then I read your renewed OP. And the v1.3.5 post.
    And died a little inside.

    You see, I still have 1.1.
    And the edits (300 lines less in total, about a 100 added, with much more to be scrapped and added after consulting you) were all made to that.

    So yeah.

    Having just peeked into 1.3.5 (been staring at code for at least a day straight; can't take much more atm ;)), I immediately notice that at least one mistake remains; not one that has any effect whatsoever (setting hn001&2 to install or skip twice in a row, same with fec009&10), but one of those things that results from copy pasting in a 15000 lines wall (damn that means there's 3000 I haven't even seen yet ._.) instead of having a slightly easier system for it.. Not that I have one ready, but if you look at my edited 1.1 and run a compare against the original you can surely find some things you like.
    I'll attach it as it is right now, and maybe we can talk some code through PM; might be a while before I'm back up for it though. ;)

    Sadly, this attached version is only useful to anyone leaning towards batch (basically you and perhaps idolninja), instead of a sweet pop-in replacement for everyone. Unpack all to the same dir as the original batch.

    *edit@4-10-'13: removed some glaring oversights from my .bat edit, reupped.

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  4. You should see the next version, it's at 18350 lines and climbing. I'll have a look at your adjustments when my head isn't battered from the night shift. I know it could do with some cleaning up but it's what I'm used to and if it ain't broke don't fix it. Well perhaps but not until the next release, as it all works for the moment. Thanks for pointing out those mistakes, I'll sort them out for 1.4 and if you see any others please inform me about them.
  5. Okay, IdolNinja was right. I made a clean rebuild and the tats work like a charm again, now. Wow, I feel stupid. :p

    @ JediDave
    Btw, big kudos for the wart scars, too. I love those! If I may make a request, though, since you mentioned you were working on a cleaner version of the code anyway, could you include an easy build not including the default eye replacements, please? It was just something I noticed when I used one of your easy builds for the tats, and I didn't really want the eye replacements in my game. I'm also thinking those vanilla full face masks could make for some nice full face tats or a scarred face like you did with the full body tat - some stubble for the guys comes to mind as well since vanilla lacks those. Mhhh! So many ideas! ;-)

    I simply love your mod and all the work you put into it. "Pow!" tats, really? Not on my virtual body! =P
  6. An edit, kind of ... I was just thinking of more uses for tats or full body textures, such as cyborg body parts, body scars, etc. If you're still working on the mod I'd be happy to help and create some textures. :)
  7. I am still working on this mod I’m just not very active on the site when I'm busy. Thanks for your offer to help, but I always do my own work. Keep an eye out for v1.4 which should be out in the next few weeks ;).
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  8. Yay, glad to read that! Because your tats are awesome. I can never decide which ones to use on my char so I frequently spend way too much time at Rusty's. ;-)
    Pity it's such a hassle to unpack/pack those image files or you could make an entire gallery of tats to drag and drop or something.
    Which reminds me, do you think there is a way to remove tat restrictions? I had a brief look at the xml files and it appears that it's coded to only allow one tat per available body part. Or maybe more tat areas could be added, like calf, upper leg, foot, arm1, arm2, etc. Don't mind me, just rambling and thinking of a way to make it happen. Because we need more tats!
  9. RustyTop.jpg

    In Saints Row 2 there were many layers to the clothing customization, but by the third some of these were lost to us. This is my attempt at bringing back at least one of these layers, the layer of course being socks. I have done this by manipulating the tattoo textures in Rusty's Needle as they are close to the skin were I needed them and can be bought when you want. I have used the hand tattoos as I felt these were the most useless of all of them and something had to be sacrificed.

    I have mostly concentrated on designing these for the female character as the most fun and variety can be had with these designs. There are tights, stockings, lacy stockings, socks and suspender belts available in the options. Forty five options over fifteen slots. There are twelve designs in all three types in one heading and three slots in the other which covers belts and socks. To make this more user friendly I shuffled the menu around a bit, swapping the hands with the legs as it was the best combination I could come up with. The only thing is you now have to zoom back when choosing leg tattoos.




    One of the main aspects of the new textures is that they are fully colourable with the full range of colours available at Rusty's. That means forty five options with all those colours is a lot of possibilities. They will also go over any existing skin you may have, including the ones available in the customizer. Speaking of going over thing, if you choose a tattoo first and then choose from the sock layer the it will blend in like one is on top of the other. It doesn't work with all of the tattoos but there are a lot that it will.


    I have had this concept for a while now and the basic design even longer but with the duplication and clipping issues plaguing tattoos I put it on the back burner. Thanks to .Swami with [V] Knobby and the work on the tutorial Replacing Duplicate Textures / Renaming Textures I was able to rename the textures within the files and update the ASM to accommodate the new names. Over both colour and black and white tattoos I think 197 files were changed and all of you who have worked with ASM files know how much of a swine they can be. All of that now means that there are now 199 individual tattoos with no duplication problems. I've used these individual files to create the new hosiery.

    Another new feature to the mod is thanks to Minimaul and his Thomas Jepp String Tools. I have come up with a way of using these in my batch file to place any selected name from the mod into the game menus. Whatever is chosen goes in, and those that aren't don't. I have also used these to change the menus in Rusty's to incorporate the new textures.


    These new features means that I'm now working with more than just the customize_player.vpp_pc file. There are other files which have to be incorporated, so the solution wast to pack them into the patch files. This makes it a clean process like in previous versions, but leaves the problem of gamers already having updated patch files. Most of us here, myself included use IdolNinja's Gentlemen of Steelport and don't want to give the features it brings so I came up with a solution. In the main directory of the mod along with the Your_Character_Mods_Here, there is the Your_Patch_Here file. Simply place your existing patch in here and it will be blended automatically with the Character Customizer and to quote the Spice Girls “Two become one”, use in the usual way and enjoy the best of both.

    Some problems have arisen with this version mostly from updating the ASM and texture names. Now that there are new names for the textures within the ASM, if you have your own modded tattoos some of them won't work with them. There are ways around it but it will takes some work. Another problem is with the hand tattoos as they have been re tasked and with doing this repositioned using the tables. The result of this is major clipping issues to the point of uselessness so these textures have been flagged and will be deleted if used. If you don't want any of the new designs or you always use a male character then an alternate version I'm calling the “classic” has been made with all the new features except the Clothing from Rusty's. Also if you just don't want to mess with patch files the normal v1.3.5 is being left up.

    As usual if you have any comments or suggestions let me know. If you can't get it to work read the readme in the documents folder.
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  10. Dude, you are pure awesome.
    A thousand internets for you! EPICx1000
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