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Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by [V] IdolNinja, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. VSW


    lol I was being sarcastic towards realism, that's why i said yawn. I don't trivialize fantasy based fictional ideas i wish all games Rated-M had BDSM clubs just to tick people off.

    I have absolutely no problem with characters dressed like Voldo running around whatever game they're in.

    I don't ask what does that have to do with anything or how is that necessary because i understand it's a fictional Universe.
    Having that option is the absolute best cause when someone complains about it's pointless others can say you don't have to pick the outfit.

    YEA I agree plausible to the character personality or storyline fine, but i'm extremely flexible when it comes to realism.
    Developers have to warp the reality but fantasy shouldn't have to suffer from reality's limitations either.


    I liked the strength of character TheBoss had in SaintsRow2 but i liked the superpowers much more, it matched the situation & placed them on the same level of the enemies.
    Besides that's the fun part, taking characters out of their comfort zone. Like taking the Punisher putting him up against Thanos.

    Now give The Punsher IronMan armor or better yet Rogue's abilities & you've got SaintsRowIV.

    It didn't go far enough for me.
    The characters needed reworked personalities.

    I'd rather TheBoss did keep that strength of character from Saints 2 & have the superpowers because i didn't like how Saints like Shaundi walked all over TheBoss.

    I totally hated Shaundi in Saints 3, in Saints 4 i spent time throwing her off rooftops.
    Shaundi became obnoxious.
    Shaundi went from obnoxious & became an A-Hole & Kinzie became a brat. I hate Kinzie as much as i do Shaundi.

    Viola DeWynter was cool & Asha Odekar was stuck up but became a decent character. Viola DeWynter should've lived & Shaundi should've died.

    I don't care for Pierce, in Saints 3 he was okay but in Saints 4 he reminds me of Teen Titans Go Cyborg.

    I don't care for Gat or Benjamin King either.

    That's why i don't like the idea of no character creation in Agents.
    As i said before there maybe more characters i don't like then the ones i do.
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  2. I'm curious when the daily info starts, if I haven't misread.
  3. VSW


    There's 12 Agents, so will it be equal?

    6Male & 6Female ?
    If so will the additional Agents be a mix of Male/Female keeping the character selection equal?

    Or Male dominated ?
    I didn't catch that part so i'm asking.
  4. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Looking at the released image of all 12 agents, it's an even split.
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  5. VSW


    That's super sweet.
    Now if fighting games would do that, i'm sick of too many ugly male characters running around.
  6. Looking forward to this although a little disappointed that we don't have character customization but I can deal with that.
  7. VSW


    How much of the Saints 3 & 4 development team worked on Agent of Mayhem ?
  8. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

  9. The reception in the comments of the different videos is leaving me exceptionally worried.

    Nothing but shallow comparisons to other games on service level and saying bad things about the game without explaining why. I'm highly nervous about the marketing.

    It would be less frustrating is people would explain why they were criticizing it, but people are so bloody inconsistent and vague about what's wrong with it.

    Plus so few people seem to know this game exists, and I can't tell if that's normal or not.
  10. The trailer looks really promising, the only issues I have is that the lighting during the conversation with Hollywood and Hard looked really strange, and the detail and resolution on the characters outfits, particularly Hollywood, looks a little off. I think flippy also pointed out that the potted plants and their leaves at 0:41 look weird too. The blood effect and decals also might look a tiny bit strange? But it's hard to make out, hopefully they are detailed.

    The major thing is that the compression/resolution/bitrate of the trailers looks off, and doesn't really show the games visuals too well, the livestreams video quality was much crisper and more detailed, and it showed off the game itself a lot better, so I think some more consideration to the video upload quality should be made. Higher FPS may also be good, but I understand companies don't want to mislead about console framerate.