weapon upgades for DLC weapons

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by meow41, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. hello, everyone, I have the following question

    is there a way to create the weapon upgrades for DLC weapons (namely, lazer weapons from Gangstas in Space DLC)?

    first, I have tried to add new upgrades in "weapon_upgrades.xtbl" file, like this:

    Code (Text):


                        <npc_refire_type>1. Random Range</npc_refire_type>

    but it didn't work - lazer pistols still had only the first level

    then, I have tried to create "dlc2_weapon_upgrades.xtbl" since a dlc2 prefix is used as a framework namesake - but still not happened to work

    then, I thought about pasting the whole "DLC_LaserPistol" entry from "dlc2_weapons.xtbl" into "weapons.xtbl" with giving it a new name - weapon just disappeared from the store, but I still had into my arms

    and then - I am run out of ideas

    I do know that there is a hard limit on "weapon_upgrades.xtbl" in terms how much stuff you can put in it, but that is not an issue there

    so, anyone?

    PS, yes, I do store Laser Pistols in SMG slot, because in my mod weapons are arranged according to their weight
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