I'll keep this short; I'm making a mod that allows you to dual wield every gun in the game. It's really close to finishing. The only issue with this I've found is that your arms bug out when standing still. Not a huge deal, it shouldn't affect gameplay. I'm still playing through the Gentlemen of The Row version of the game, so I have to get all the guns in the game in order to make sure they all work.

Notes: I made this after using Singa's Dual Wield Stun Gun/Lazarus mod with Classic AS12 Riot Compatibility, so those changes are contained in this mod too. oops.
Shout out to Janson and Masako Team, I wouldn't have been able to do this without them.
You won't need anything except GOTR. I haven't tested for conflicts with other mods, but there shouldn't be any.

This is a beta version, but it's pretty good right now. Newly Dual Wieldable weapons, including GOTR/Singa's Mod;
McManus 2010
K7 Krukov
AR-200 SAW
12 Gauge
AS14 Hammer
XS-2 Ultimax
Pimp Cane
Stun Gun

Install Instructions
1. Download my custom weapons.xtbl.
2. Replace the weapons.xtbl in PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE with mine.
3. Create custom patch.
4. Move everything in the custom patch folder to the main SR2 folder; easiest way to do that is click "Open File Location" on your SR2 icon.
5. Load up the game, gg ez.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: To put this as short as possible, I need to reset my computer. This is going to stall the creation of the mod a bit, but a good side effect of this is that I'll be able to make a pure version of this mod, with no other gun changes.


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Very funny and odd mod. I found it entertaining as hell running around with my glitched af arms. It is a pity that my computer didn't like weapon reskins on the dual weapons. I was using Nova SPE 23 and it got a little buggy when using the reskins and would occasionally crash. Other than that, I've had a ball with it, truly. Thank you for creating this amazing and hilarious mod. I hope to see an update in the future so I see the completed product of this mod.