1. -SeaboundSaint-

    Viva Volition! - Tribute Texture Pack

    Earlier this year, in August 2023, Volition closed it's doors for the last time. Rather than dwelling on the circumstances, I wanted to make some kind of mod to pay tribute to our favorite video game developers of the last 30 years. This is what I came up with: The Viva Volition Texture Pack...
  2. ninemil

    Volition has become part of Gearbox Software

    More details. Sounds like work culture differences between Deep Silver, (German) and Volition (American) may have been part of the motivation for reallocation. Linked-in doesn't appear to suggest a wave of staff redundancies thus far, which you'd expect if Volition was about to be turned into...
  3. Singa

    Tutorial Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Since there are plenty of bugs in the game, some minor and some major, the best thing we can do as players is to let the devs know of the bugs we run into, to hopefully patch them. However, before opening a ticket to report a bug, try to make sure that the bug is not caused by a mod you're...
  4. Singa

    Forum changes and updates

    The "Ask Volition" subforum has been closed until further notice. Back when Saints Row IV received official modding support, and several Volition devs were active members here who helped with troubleshooting and developing tools, the Ask Volition forum was created so that modders could ask...
  5. Admixon


    Description It's the hero we didn't deserve but we needed... or something like that. V-Man is here to kick bad Zins' asses! What the mod contains V-Man - Slot: suit - Price: 5$ - Available in any clothing store - Available for male and female...
  6. Admixon


    "Our new streaming room is coming along; door is on, greenscreen is up, and a whole mess of new gear is getting setup. Just waiting on some delayed furniture to get this party started (tentatively May 2!)" https://www.twitch.tv/dsvolition source...
  7. D

    Volition's History (Abridged)

    So when I was playing Skyrim I remembered a video I watched a long time ago, because I'm weird and stuff, but I found it very interesting, and till this day I have a lot of questions questions. I hope you enjoy. PS It wasn't covered in the first video, but you can find a Teaser for a game by...
  8. Connor_GamingChamp

    How Do I Change The Way An Npc Looks

    I want to know how to change the way an NPC looks that's about :) P.S. is Saints Row 1 going to be ported to the pc? Just wanted to Knowo_O
  9. D

    Voliton/THQ EULA, SpeedTree, Havoc, and Bink Accesablility

    You can say what you want about Volition's weird approach at making video games, and/or continuity blunders, they know how to make an everlasting impression in the minds of gamers. For example before their invention of the "purple car wrecker", or that "super fly foam finger on steroids"...
  10. Admixon

    Saints Row: The Cooler trailer?!

    Damn son. Just look at this:
  11. Admixon

    Zeus - Volition's cancelled post-apocalyptic game

    So hi. I was looking for video on Volition YT channel about map editing in SR TT and I found a video called Defining A Project Vision. Yes, there is a beta map of SR3 but also a full description of ZEUS game and concept arts. Core Vision (Pillars) A modern Western set in post-apocalyptic Rio A...
  12. Fan of Saints

    Oiran girls - early concept of Steelport gangs

    First off, look at those concept arts from “The Art Direction of Saints Row: The Third” presentation released on Volition's site. They show early concept of gangs in Saints Row: The Third. We can see early version of Deckers and Morningstar but... There are no Luchadores. Instead, we see some...
  13. Fan of Saints

    SR:TT beta build from 2009

    ...this video from mrsaintsgodzilla21 made me speechless, just look at this! :eek: There are soooo many questions to answer... How come this was hidden in the dark for so many years? Does this build still exist? Would it be possible to stream it, Volition? :D Huge thanks to Admixon for for...