Volition's History (Abridged)

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  1. So when I was playing Skyrim I remembered a video I watched a long time ago,
    because I'm weird and stuff, but I found it very interesting, and till this day I
    have a lot of questions questions.
    I hope you enjoy.

    PS It wasn't covered in the first video, but you can find a Teaser for a game by volition and Guillermo Del Toro
    below the first link.

    This video is not made by me and all rights go to those who were featured and/or contributed to this video.
    (Please don't sue me)

    Essay on Volition: (Credit Game Informer)

    Creepy Teaser: (Credit GAMINGtruth)

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    Thank you, afrorobot. I had not seen either of these videos.
    I just watched the entire 1-hour documentary, and it was awesome to see how the company evolved and some of the challenges they have faced. Gives me new respect for Volition.
    It's interesting to see that a lot of the team thought Saints Row 1 was a bad idea, initially.
    It's also encouraging to see confirmation that the company typically works on 2 or 3 games at the same time (or, at least, they did in 2011). This gives me optimism that maybe they have been working on Saints Row 5 at the same time as Agents of Mayhem.

    Sadly, Mike Kulas (the co-founder featured in this documentary) left Volition in 2011 just as the development of Saints Row 3 was winding down. Many would argue that Saints Row 2 was the best game Volition ever made, and I think SR3 is good too, and those were ironically the last SR games where Mike Kulas was still an active part of the company.

    For reference, people interviewed in the documentary video:
    It's definitely not the same company it was when this documentary was made.
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  3. Volition keeps looking forward no matter how bad things get. That always inspired me.
  4. Quantum

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    I really think Mike Kulas is a software developer at heart (based on what I saw in the documentary), and he was tired of just being a manager and CEO and not getting to do all the fun stuff.

    In 2016, he started a new company called Revival Productions with his original co-founder at Parallex Software, Matt Toschlog. They created a new game called Overload which is based on their previous game, Decent (1995). If you really liked Volition's older games, that's probably the game you should buy. It looks like they recruited a lot of talented people from Volition too. I haven't played the game myself, but those are the true roots of Volition.

    Kind of interesting that he went from having a cushy office as president of Volition to now working at a table in a one room company with 6 other developers. And he's HAPPIER!
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  5. I just found this a few days ago.
    All credits go to: Game Brain
    Check out the channel if you can, it's a good watch.

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