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The "Ask Volition" subforum has been closed until further notice.

Back when Saints Row IV received official modding support, and several Volition devs were active members here who helped with troubleshooting and developing tools, the Ask Volition forum was created so that modders could ask technical questions to help with the creation of mods, tools, and understanding what goes on under the hood of the games.

After how terribly Agents of Mayhem performed, many devs lost their jobs, and the modding support was left in the unfinished state of limbo that you still know today.

Over the last few years, it has unfortunately become routine that members would blatantly ignore the posting etiquette for this subforum, and ask about all sorts of random questions that aren't modding related.

As it has become a chore to moderate, and no Volition staff is currently active on this forum to supply official support, the Ask Volition forum has been changed to read-only for the time being.

We apologize for the inconvenience for anyone who actually had a technical question that they would like to have answered by a dev, should any even still venture to this website.

If there happens to be official modding support in the future and Volition developers once again flock to this forum to aid us in our quest to create mods and supply us with tools and tutorials, the subforum will be re-opened.
Not open for further replies.