BarkString for [TALK TO] Conversation on the Ship

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by _eb_, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Hi, I'm new here - so apologize if it's not placed at the right section of the forums. Also didn't see if it has been requested before so I go with it.

    I asked if it's feasible for a mod/setup to make the cutscene for TALK TO conversation on the ship from this --
    to this --

    Simply because it mildly-disturbs me that in the cutscene it teleports the Playa' from the frame, as seen from their initial position here --

    It's not something that bothered me much, only curious if it's possible to change how that works because I noticed when we engaged the convo to about 3 or 4 times then the cutscene changed to barkstring [if that's how it called here].

    Much thanks for considering this.
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