ETD Aliens all in one

This mod will restore all the ETD aliens into SR4.

To install it move all files inside your game directory.

Known issues that i'm incapable of fixing:
-The head of the Warden will disappear beyond a certain distance because of missing LOD functionality.
-Zinyak's left hand doesn't animate because of missing rigging.
-Occasionally after defeating a Warden the sound for absorbing him will keep playing. To stop it go into water and warp to shore.

Credit to Admixon for letting me use their mod, Beta Zin Soldiers as part of this mod.

Made By Vlad Viper

SaintsRowIV 2021-02-19 00-04-56.png
SaintsRowIV 2021-06-07 16-07-49.png
SaintsRowIV 2021-05-07 13-43-09.png



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