1. L

    Possible to extract map files?

    Ive never messed with any Saints Row modding tools so Im asking if its possible to extract the entire map of stilwater or steelport hopefully as an obj and where would i start?
  2. MF2M

    Is There Finally a Possibility For External Script Mods?

    I do realize this has never (from my knowledge) been possible with the previous games, and I assume this would also be true for the new entry. (To clarify, external scripts are made by modders to fix, improve, or add whole new things to games. Most of the time scripts hook on to the game's...
  3. B

    Modding support? Rip modding?

    While the developers are silent about modding, I'll ask you what you think about it? Do we wait for an official answer about mod support, or not, which of you is ready to make truly real tools for creating mods? Map editor, visual scripting, animatuon tools, and so on, I hope there are such...
  4. Demiurg

    How to change billboards?

    I want to replace the files mod "Russian Billboards and something special" and paste on the billboards in the game other pictures. Using ExtractPackfileGUI I unzipped the mod file, which contained two files .cpeg_pc and .gpeg_pc. With SR3UnpackTextures I unarchived the pictures of all the...
  5. The cookie

    # of Save Games for modded playthrough

    Or rather just in general? How many is too many?
  6. S

    Changing a texture

    Hi there everyone, I'm really new to all this (modding in general) and wanted to pick some of the more adept brains out there. So I am essentially trying to create a Man of Steel suit using the Miss Mischief outfit from dlc1 as a base. One of the issues I wanted to solve was the really deep...
  7. S

    List of C_Morph file names

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to get into SR4 modding by doing some retextures of clothing and things like that. I think I've got a hold on extracting the PAK files and isolating the DDS files for the textures but I was just wondering if there was an existing list where you guys have managed to...
  8. pleasegofuk

    [RF:G] Why can't we fly the EDF Flyers in RFG?

    I know this is a Saints Row forum, but at the time of posting there is no real official red faction forum, additionally factionfiles is pretty much locked from registering due to using captcha v1, which renders it locked from creating new accounts. So down to the question at hand - Why are we...
  9. P

    Saint's Row: The Third modding questions

    Hi! I'm Danny. I'm new to this forum, and to forums in general, as well as modding this game. So, naturally, I'm looking to start small before I move on to the impossible. My first question would be involving replacing files in this game, and how that technically works. I know that other mods...
  10. DominatorLegend

    GOG version of SR2 fixed?

    I was hovering around the shop and lamenting I didn't buy Duke 3D in time when I stumbled upon SR2, a game I already own in Steam and runs like a rotten lemon. However, while taking a look at the critics I saw one (the first one) that said: "The game actually works now people. You don't need to...
  11. loganthegamer31601

    Can I get some help on learning to making custom clothing items/weapons

    Hi, my name is loganthegamer31601 and I am new with modding. I currently have made over 7 mods (All which are retexture mods... I'm sorry if they are crap, here the link if you wanna see them AND SEND ME PRESENTS!!! #Youtuberreferencethatnoonewillget...
  12. DominatorLegend

    Hair and beards

    Is it possible to create more haircuts for SRIV? And what about full long beards? Not the vanilla painted hair, but hair extensions, something like these:
  13. BombOverface

    Mission Mods/Map Mods Possible?

    I was just wondering if modding a mission into the game is possible, for example a Saints Row: The Third mission imported into SR4/GOOH and if so can the entire map from SR3 be put into SR4/GOOH (after completing story of course) for example I would love to use super powers in SR3 map or (if...