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Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by pikapunk, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Hi! I'm Danny. I'm new to this forum, and to forums in general, as well as modding this game. So, naturally, I'm looking to start small before I move on to the impossible. My first question would be involving replacing files in this game, and how that technically works. I know that other mods have made guns acquirable, when before they were not. Would this be possible to do for all temporary weapons? (EG, blow up doll, urinal, etc) Second question, if I can't add new files, what about replacing the existing files with better ones? For example, the Cyber Buster is not upgradeable, but what if it WAS? Could I potentially do that? Third and final question. If that IS doable, could I give the upgraded versions a custom mesh, like many other upgraded weapons have?
  2. Well, im afraid im here to kinda "kill" your intentions lol. SRTT modding is limited because of how the game works, theres stuff that can and cant be done.

    1.- I dont think you need to replace files to unlock certain weapons before its intended. If im not wrong, mission rewards are controlled by a file that can be edited using a text editor.
    2.- Weapon upgrades are controlled by a text file too, but im not sure if this is possible, beacuse you will be "adding stuff" to the game.
    3.-You cant replace a mesh directly to SRTT, however you can port stuff from SR4, so it could be the case that you can create a new weapon for SRIV, and the port it to SRTT since the game format for both games is almost identical. However, im speculating here, i havent succeed myself in this task
  3. While I appreciate the input, I think you are misunderstanding my question. I don't mean to unlock a weapon before it's due, I mean to unlock weapons that aren't meant to unlock ever. Like the Behemoth. As for adding upgrades, I'm not sure either, I'm more asking if anyone's tried.
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  5. ^I was about to type this lol. The behemonth is huge as you can see, since you cant modify the mesh.
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