1. A

    Flashpoint doesn't work || Can't remove SRTT HQ building [SRIV]

    Sup Guys, wish you nice to all: There is problem with game. I’ll explain briefly, once I downloaded some mods, which ultimately led to the fact that I have buildings (Crib, HQ) from SRTT in the game, and I can’t remove them. And also, I lost the opportunity to clear the flashpoint near this...
  2. D

    Saints Row 2 is crashing

    Saints Row 2 is crashing after uninstalling Gentlemen of the Row. When I try to load my save, it says no missions completed, shows the loading screen of the first mission of the game and then it crashes. I tried to verify the files with Steam but it doesn't work. Maybe this happens because I...
  3. DefiantDucky

    SOLVED Gentlemen of the Row: Store Outfit Crashing *Fixed*

    Sorry guy's I had to rewrite this in order to ensure I can update the old thread without a wall of text. Basically in Gentlemen of the Row, there was a common occurrence of crashing when selecting outfits from the store, the main culprits where the On the Rag outfits installed by the mod...
  4. L

    SOLVED Female animations wrecked my SR2

    I still have this problem from 2 months ago. I once turned on girly walk animations and then turned it off but it won't go away, even if I press X in the custom patch menu to remove all mods and even if I uninstall and reinstall Saints Row 2 from steam, my male character will still swing his...
  5. Nonohi

    Deckers.die Problem

    in the mission "http: //deckers.die" it does not start, that's it, I just click to start it and it does not start, can you help me please?
  6. Admixon

    Forever Broken - GOTR killed my game

    Let's start the story using this pic: Do you see how awful this pic looks with hud? So yea I wanted to find a mod that removes hud and I found SR2 HUD Control mod. The mod desc says I need Gotr to create custom path blah blah blah. I know this mod is super cool and it was made by uncle Idol...
  7. William Knights

    My Gun is firing by itself....

    How do I stop this? I think its one of the mods causing the problem.
  8. Admixon

    Steam Uploader problem

    Well this is very annoying bug. Sometimes when I want to update my mod that Fetching thing freezes in random moments and I have to restart the program
  9. Admixon

    Some Questions

    So Steam Workshop is live and my mods have over thousand of subcribers. My one mod New Textures Project has a lot of too but people say that it doesn't work for them. So my question is: why? Another question is about vehicles. I was going to release some of my paintjobs but it something like New...
  10. Admixon

    Game of the Century Upgrade Pack Problem

    Hi Volition, I would like to buy GOTC Upgrade Pack but Steam says that I already have this pack but it's a lie. Yes, I have all DLCs but I want that 1 weapon skin which is included only in GOTC but I don't have but Steam says that... I can't buy it. I have Steam in Polish because I'm from...
  11. G

    SOLVED Having problems trying to repack a file

    Hi there modder's! I was hoping one of you may assist me in a way, I want to use Admixon's re-texture mod on my game HOWEVER his road textures are rather large and because my GPU doesn't have a lot of VRAM it causes a strange bug, the main road is a solid black texture, this however can be fixed...
  12. C

    Past Gang Mod dont work

    Hi guys, well I just install the past gangs mod but seems it dosent work, this is the mod: and this is the files once I unzip at Saints Row IV folder as instructions say: Do...
  13. Callamelia

    SOLVED Almost everything is white

    I can walk around and shoot, but the people and the objects are white. I tried Direct X 9 and 10/11, but there's no difference.
  14. Admixon

    [HELP!] Building Soundbank File [HELP!]

    Anyone? Please?