SOLVED Gentlemen of the Row: Store Outfit Crashing *Fixed*

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by DefiantDucky, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Sorry guy's I had to rewrite this in order to ensure I can update the old thread without a wall of text.

    Basically in Gentlemen of the Row, there was a common occurrence of crashing when selecting outfits from the store, the main culprits where the On the Rag outfits installed by the mod.

    Update: Seems regardless of texture mods, the crash is random regardless of installation of files, with or without the crash still occurs.

    Solution: If you are having this problem too or with majority of store outfits in general please check this list:

    - Check and remove any retexture mods which affect the game world: In spite of previous comments, crashes still occur regardless of texture mods. Maybe personal experience however the crashing seems to happen less without them? (Again testing before fully committing to the comment)

    - Delete Profile.dat: In your C drive or where you installed SR2. go to c://user/appdata/local/THQ and delete your profile.dat file, when struggling with this on my old PC, this seemed to fix the problem. No success with the new one. No changes occur just some small stats seem to reset.

    - Nude Mod: if anyone is using the character height or nude mods, make sure they are uninstalled or reverted to original in game settings. (Don't know if steam version is the same as German version but this worked for myself)
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  2. Earlier in the other thread you said it was my Saints Row 1 HQ Texture Pack that caused the crash, now you're saying Masamaru's Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack causes it? You need to get your facts straight.


    I'd hate to burst your bubble but world textures does not contain textures and meshes as those used in clothing. I looked through out my texture pack to see if is there were any type of clothing textures inside and found no textures and meshes related to clothing.
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  3. Understood loud and clear, apologies if there was any assumption, I tried to make clear that I was testing them to see if this has had an effect, I can confidently come back today and state that regardless of texture mods, the crash still occurs. - I have corrected my statements on the matter. It seems this is a rare occurrence is only a few others on steam and other sites are reporting this.

    Here is an update on the situation:

    With the texture mods installed or uninstalled the crash is still happening in majority of the outfit selections, not just one store but all. the ratio is something like 90/10. When selecting the outfit, the game seems to delay the outfit being loaded, at this point it's 100% going to crash unless the outfit is successfully loaded onto the character, some outfits will work and then other's don't. If the 10% happens and you don't crash on selection, it will definitely crash when trying to purchase and wear it. Although my gaming rig is pretty good and should be more than capable with 8gb of dedicated ram on the GTX980. I wonder if something is conflicting. nothing else in the game world crashes, just the outfits and clothing.

    I never had this problem on my older PC rig with lower specs and all mods installed, this is a new issue with this computer.
  4. Well then I apologize. It could be your system. I found what was causing the crashes with my textures mod version 4.1, it was script related and some .xtbl files wasn't correct. Maybe change the location of the ram in your system might correct your problem. I have mine set up with a rare configuration, mine is 5 GB DDR2 ram, it's not really suppose be an odd number as it can only up to 4 GB of ram but according to System reading in the Control Panel it reads 5 GB lol. SR2 and other game run well. From what I was told by a technician a Dell Inspirion 530 can only hold 4 GB. I got my highest ram stick which is 2 GB, the rest is 1GB each, he said put highest ram closest to the CPU.
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