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Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Fan of Saints, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Okay, I thought I would download this and take it for a spin, since I felt like replaying 3 and 4 before playing Gat outta Hell and had two issues:

    1) Certain clothing items glitch and parts of the player mesh goes through them (I can see the back of my character through a hoodie)
    2) I for some reason have one HELL of a FoV that is actually making the game unplayable for me.

    The first one I can live with if it's not ALL clothing items, the other ... I need help with it, it's actually giving me a headache.

    Otherwise, good mod pack, though the shiny clothes isn't my cup of tea, so I may dig out that file.
  2. I have no problems with FOV.
    Fan of Saints, halp ppl
  3. What I mean is:

    http://i.imgur.com/06W02rc.png - With this mod package installed
    http://i.imgur.com/fBfQjeP.png - Without package installed (I still had that save)

    Note the FoV changes and also the top glitching into the shoulder blade, note the "With package installed" was a new game, hence the level 2 notification it was right after the tutorial.
  4. Ehh... Actually I like FOV from first image more, but I guess it's settings! Gonna edit this and try to help ya.
  5. Aye, it's a case of everyone's different, I tend to go for as close to "over the shoulder" as I can if the game isn't setup to allow First Person mode (which is what I play more of, if I am not building a city)
  6. so has the character creation been fixed yet?
  7. So I do have a solution for now for the Character Creation, if you close the game WHILE still in the character creation screen, then start it back up and then hit "CONTINUE", it will start the game right at the character creator and the character is now visible for you to change how you want before starting. I hope this helps guys. ^^
  8. I went to the surgeon and did that (alt+f4) but I restarted at the crib...
  9. Is this mod compilation suggested for first-time playthroughs, or is this better for replays?