1. Xkynete

    SOLVED Saints Row 2 Co-op not working on Xbox

    Hello. My friend and I were trying to play Saints Row 2 Co-op on Xbox One backwards compatible, but it kept saying unable to connect to game or something along those lines. It might be because our nat types are both strict most of the time but I was wondering since SR2 is such an old game if the...
  2. Bucker1256

    My COOP Playa

    Yeah , Thats my COOP playa. nothing else.
  3. K

    Game crash on CO OP activity

    I'm trying to make the achievement "Crew of two" and when starting any activity in CO OP, the game of the one who invited freezes and the game close, without error messages. PS: I've tried a clean save. PS: We did a run with full history and phone missions, with no major problems (occasionally...
  4. R

    CO-OP through Steam causing game to crash on Linux.

    Hey, don't know if this is the place to go for help like this but I'll try my luck. My game seems to crash whenever steam executes joinlobby. It happens seemingly randomly. Sometimes I can watch the whole intro, sometimes I can go to the first cutscene or even the second, and then it crashes. I...
  5. SkatefilterX-5

    Super Kick on Cars

    I'm been messing around all these years kicking cars. This only works for Luchadores team as specialist, so you may nolonger team with your saints however story homies won't turn against you , you cant drive with other people or do hostage diversion or you'll automatically get out the vehicle...
  6. Pink_Velv3t

    Looking for a Coop partner

    Hey all so I don't know if this is the right place for this thread or whatever but I would like to know if anyone could help me complete the story missions+activities in the game. As well as DLCs. I play on Xbox. If anyone is down message me.
  7. B

    Crashing Coop

    When playing with a friend when leaving the store or portal, the game is crashing him. Playing with another person the problem continues.

    Music On-foot radio swither and audible for COOP player

    Can you please make a music switcher (Like on-foot radio in IdolNinja's Sandbox+ for SRTT) for SRIV?
  9. aabicus

    Mod to switch roles in co-op escort?

    I'm always host because I have a better computer, but I'm a terrible driver and my online co-op partner's a great driver. We want to switch places in the Escort activity. Could someone make a mod that switches which player drives and which entertains the customer?
  10. Axool

    Mods an Co-op

    Hello, I'm new to Saints Row and I mostly play in coop and I "recently" discovered mods ! I wanted to tests some out, but as I said before, I only play coop with a friend, so I had a question : Do we both have to install the mods ? If I install mods but not him, what will happen ? Why did I...
  11. lordbum


    I have a qeustion im going to get evolve so i can play online (and i have gentlemen of the row) thing is do me and my friend need to have the same exact settings enabled? So if he has say skate board on do i need to enable that or will our game crash ?