SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by flow754, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Ok in the process of creating this tutorial i have found one flaw in my pipline but I guess it will be useful anyway
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  2. As simple as that, thanks for the video. BTW what tool you use to pull one vertex and it drags the adjacent ones to edit the mesh?
  3. It is a soft selection, activates on b key.
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  4. Admixon

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    Thanks, I'll try it in Blender.
  5. Well, I finally achieve what I wanted, however in game the mesh has this weird behaviour. Any idea of what can cause this?

    Bug1.png Bug2.png
  6. 1) The vertices of your mesh aren't merged
    2) The weights of your meshes are wrong
    3) You applied a skin to mesh with unfrozen deformer.
  7. Ok I fixed it. It was a problem within the model. Thanks for the reply
  8. I'm having some problems with making clothes.

    I'm using 3ds Max 2016 to create my meshes (without skinning or deformers), which then I export as 2011 .fbx files and import into Maya 2015. At that point I follow the tutorial to the letter and convert/pack the clothes into the game.

    Some items work just fine, but some cause the game to crash to desktop upon selection. My workflow is always the same for each item and I have no idea why some work and others don't. As a test I've made a simple cube mesh in 3ds Max and followed the tutorial to brought it into the game without changing the vertices and UV maps, and it didn't work. Some items became usable if I changed the 3ds Max export format from .fbx into .obj, but not all.

    Is there a specific workflow or export prodedure when working with 3ds Max to make the clothes usable? Or should I only use Maya for everything?
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  9. flow754

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    I doubt the fact you're exporting from 3dsMax is the cause of your crashes since I use a similar workflow where I create everything in Blender and only export to Maya for the stuff I showed in the tutorial. What can be problematic, from my experience, is non-manifold geometry like floating verts/edges, having more than 4 bones influence any given vertex (altough the converter *should* fix that one automatically) and incorrectly configured materials. If none of that's the issue, you can upload your fbx (the one exported from Maya) here and I'll have a look at it. Hope this helps!
  10. Why your export model to Maya? Fbx2014 export works fine in max. The most problematic place is shaders, max standard phong material does not support diffuse slot.
    Also about crushes, the most common is uv layers, which Maya can create randomly during import, mesh should has only one uv, the second is a morph. If your mesh does not has at least one blend shape you'll get some problem. Also some item can causing crash, all underwear that I copied causing this.
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