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  1. Not to mention THQ's idiotic move to push the uDraw onto other platforms. That almost singlehandedly crippled THQ.
  2. If you guys know Yakuza / Ryu ga Gotoku, that series has gone too far too, although not with aliens and crap.

    But they reached until the 5th installment and it's clearly shown they don't know what to do with the story anymore, yet they're relying on the series.

    What the developer did? Making Ryu ga Gotoku 0, which the story tells about the protagonist and his rival in their early days.

    I can see Saints Row is going that way too like the OP said.
  3. nobody thought of this but they could just go in time with there time machine instead of doing this or finding a new planet
  4. I'm also pretty sure that's what some of us don't want.

    Matter of preference though. Some people adores surrealism the IV gives. Some people adores the balance of The Third gives. Some others prefers dark realism like in 1 and 2.

    I myself prefer The Third.
  5. I prefer the semi-realistic "action movie" feel that we got in SR2 and SR3. While yeah there were some odd ball moments. In SR2's case we had insane religious militants (Samedi) , a yakuza gang wearing Kill-Bill styled combat gear (Ronin) and a vigilante gang that appearance wise was stuck in the 80's (Brotherhood) and in SR3's case we had a mafia that has access to a super-soldier program (Morningstar), a terrorist group that uses wrestling masks as make-shift balaclavas (Luchadores) a gang of heavily armed Tumblrinas, ex-cops and gaming nerds (Deckers) and another gang of laser-toting DHS goons (STAG).
    However the thing we should consider is that despite the bizarre outfits the gangs wear the actual subject matter in both games is pretty dark and at times gruesome. The Brotherhood tortures people to death (some of the dialog from BH gang members hints that "he" wasn't the first victim of these tactics), the Samedi turn normal collage kids and disgruntled war-vets into crazed drug-addicted killers that aren't above hacking someone in the middle of a crowded street, the Ronin act as a corporate hit-squad for Ultor until the Masako is properly introduced, the Morningstar force people to become soldiers or prostitutes through human trafficking and kidnapping, the Deckers from what info we can piece together act as the Syndicates "secret police" while the Luchadores and STAG often resort to terrorism. (Bombing the Magarac Statue and launching a series of rpg attacks and bombings on Stilwater).
  6. If SRV can defy the existence of IV+GOOH story, I can see the gangster system is coming back.

    Without the IV, that means Matt Miller is still out town, or probably already joined MI6 with Asha. So, MI6 can be a scumbag who are trying to terminate The Saints. The Boss can have dejavu of meeting Asha in his dream a.k.a SRIV :D
  7. I'm holding out for a hero the retcon ending, mainly in hopes that we'll get the glorious wordplay of calling the new game Saints Row 5.0.

    Puns aside, it seems the most logical. As much as I want to have more awesome adventures with Jezzy and Zinjai and the old guard after the "new home" ending, it wouldn't be very compelling from a narrative standpoint. Throughout the Saints Row series, there's always been an overarching theme of conquest, of raising the stakes ever higher and coming out on top every time - the Boss has gone from gang-banger to gang leader to corporate mogul to U.S. President to all-powerful intergalactic ruler, and Gat picked up where Boss left off by sticking it to Satan and getting in good with God Himself. We've been through zombies, aliens, and demons. What's left to conquer? How can we continue the theme of escalation if there's nothing left to escalate into? The Saints supposedly had their fill of time travel at the end of SR4, and GooH touched on it as well by having historical homies like Vlad and Shakespeare, so that well has already been tapped. Not to mention that jumping from time period to time period would likely feel awfully disjointed in an open-world environment, on top of the oodles of dev time it'd require.

    Another point to consider: what's on the line? Ultor and the Syndicate would have cleaned house if not for the Saints. Zinyak already took the situation to the limit by destroying the Earth, and Satan tried - and failed - to make things personal. I doubt a single planet full of aliens will be a worthy rival or provide any threat to a universe-spanning empire with Heaven on its side. It'd be a complete curb-stomp. To draw a parallel, as humorous as it would have been to see the Boss pop Loren between the eyes on that plane, or shrug off Zinyak's TK to deliver a TKO on the White House lawn, it wouldn't have made for a very interesting as I see it, we as players would be better off leaving this Boss to live happily ever after blowing up aliens with their bros in their personal Valhalla, and letting a new Boss - or Chief, as the case may be - take the reins after starting over from scratch.

    I think the police concept has a lot of potential, and it's possible Volition does too. If the new Saints are operating as the police force or a special gang unit, we'd already have material to bring back the gang warfare of pre-SR4 games. And since they're a government agency, it's possible they'd still have access to crazy technology allowing for antics like in the newer games. Maybe the federally-funded STAG (Stilwater Tactical Anti-Gang Unit? Eh? Eh?) is trying to move into town and put the Saints out of a job with advanced warfare, and you'd run raids on their bases in between gang action to steal their cool experimental toys like Grav-O-Boots or Power Gloves. Who knows? I have faith that the writers and the devteam know what they're doing.

    End soapbox.
  8. [​IMG]
    You know what would make me exceedingly happy? If they split the timeline.

    We could have one game which was a down to earth cop/crime sandbox, with the Saints now cops working in Stilwater, perhaps 'the Boss' becoming an undercover agent a la Sleeping Dogs. And another game which is a wild space opera superhero sandbox.
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    They wrote in aliens attacking the White House and destroying Earth, something an elementary kid would write about.
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  10. When you put it like that, yeah it does sound dumb. They could've done so much with the 'President of the United Saints' thing but we're president for five minutes before Zinyak zaps Earth. I just hope they do better in Saints Row V.
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