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  1. Anybody think that this ending is the one that Volition is going to use for SR5? (It's the ending shown at 21:06).

    In my opinion it makes sense. The cutscene could have easily taken place a few years before SR1. It could also hint at how Troy met Johnny or why he may have joined the Saints (Perhaps he wasn't pleased with the SPD's incompetence). It also seems like Kinzie and Matt may have at one point worked for another unnamed law enforcement agency before joining the FBI and Syndicate.
    So if they do choose this ending it's very likely that it could take place in an alternate version of the SR Timeline where the events of the games were heavily altered. (Perhaps in this reality Dex succeeded in assassinating Gryphon and perhaps even Dane, STAG could potentially still be in power, many of the Saint lieutenants that died in the previous games could be alive and well etc). It's also very likely that we could see an SR game more in-line to SR2-SR3 in 2016.
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  2. NOUS

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    That's the ending I went with. The series started going downhill with SR4 and that ending would erase the events of SR4. Which would be... you know, JUST THE BEST FUCKING THING EVER.

    That is pretty much going to be Volitions only chance of a 'deus ex machina'. They've turned the series into a ridiculous recycled mess that will likely turn corny and stale if they keep digging down that hole. I guess it's the Deep Silver effect. Just look at the professionally recycled Dead Island and DI:Riptide.

    Volition needs to do what Techland did. Split with Derp Silver and make a real sequel to SR3. Or start a new IP, but keep the character customization mechanics from SR. At this point, it's one of the only things this game has going for it. If the next Saints Row game has you playing as a fixed protagonist again (Johnny), and maintains the whole 'no customization' thing from Gat Out Of Hell, then it seems that Derp Silver has taken full effect and we can confirm Saints Row truly died with THQ.
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  3. Not gonna lie, I would really love that ending to be a hint to Saints Row V. I just don't see how Volition can take the series anywhere else after Saints Row IV.

    Make this happen, Volition! I can already imagine the name of the new series. Saints Row: Special Investigation Forces. Where you play as a fully customizable chief of police and you kick all kinds of ass.
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  4. Yeah, that would be cool. However this means that causing mayhem as a cop would make no sense, but being an undercover cop is ok.
  5. That would make much more sense. We go undercover ala Troy Bradshaw while Gat works to keep our character mostly out of trouble while we investigate.
  6. I'm pretty sure the series will end with the recipe for the perfect lobster bisque.
  7. Just hope Pierce doesn't cook it. :p It'll be as nasty as the Saints Flow energy drinks.
  8. NOUS

    NOUS Modding patch tester

    They really have no where else to take the series.

    At this point, the whole Saints crew (which is all of humanity) is just floating around in space on a spaceship. Saints Row 5 would involve the player cleaning the ship and playing card games with the crew. Great fun for everyone.
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  9. Minimaul

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    They could merge it with FreeSpace and get Saints in Space!

    Edit: now all I can think of is a GTF Perseus with spinning gold rims on it.
  10. NOUS

    NOUS Modding patch tester

    Star Trek: The Saints Generation
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