Shaders Mod

Hello) Try to use this shaders, but only have cool water... Want "New building windows", but i try many game TOD (classic, modern, default) and dont have so cool windows and so many windows and the light doesn’t burn as much (standard game building light only). Maybe you use reshader on this test image or it work correct on steam version only? (I have a glitch, but it’s not so critical:D)
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Oh this mod is very old. It was released before the Workshop update so some of the features may not work correctly. Thanks for letting me know I need to update this mod
Oh, i don't know. Now work: water and glossy streets (but not sure). Oo, i see here rain mod and now glossy streets may need some people))) Thank you for taps so quickly upon my request
This is meant to get rid of building glitching isn't it? It didnt make any difference when I tried it. I replaced the shader file in "packfiles\pc\cache" but the buildings are still having their glitches.