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Discussion in 'Visuals & Graphics' started by Admixon, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    This mod is very broken. Make sure you have a backup copy of shaders.vpp

    This mod will contain modded shaders to make game look better. Some of the shaders doesn't work perfect but I'm working on it.
    • Fixed water [WIP]
    bandicam 2015-09-02 18-47-09-301.jpg
    bandicam 2015-09-02 18-47-35-168.jpg
    bandicam 2015-09-02 18-32-12-711.jpg
    bandicam 2015-09-02 18-56-26-305.jpg
    • New building windows
    bandicam 2015-09-02 18-47-59-321.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-48-47-255.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-13-025.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-17-619.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-20-472.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-23-171.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-36-262.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-51-426.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-49-54-941.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-00-519.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-06-044.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-16-183.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-20-731.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-32-312.jpg bandicam 2015-09-02 18-50-34-806.jpg


    1. Go to SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\packfiles\pc\cache
    2. Make backup of shaders.vpp_pc file
    3. Download modded shaders
    4. Unpack to the same folder (SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\packfiles\pc\cache)

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  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Finally, I hate those fucking glitches! Can't wait for the release. :D
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  3. Closed?Please release!!
  4. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    What? I created this thread a few hours ago.
  5. Please Release Can t Wait
  6. This looks awesome! When is the estimated ETA for release?
  7. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

  8. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    Finally !!!! :D
  9. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Edit button is there for a reason, don't double post. Also, don't use 15 emoticons in the row, one or two is enough.
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