Shaders Mod

Ok guys. I tried to fix the water and rain but those two thing aren't in shaders.
Water is somewhere in city textures (sr3_city_1.vpp_pc).
Rain is a part of preload_effects.vpp_pc.
If that's the case, maybe the high LOD (level of detail) water is only included in the zones that actually have water. There's probably no need to keep the high LOD water always loaded in areas that don't contain water. The "sr3_city_1.vpp_pc" file only seems to contain individual zones, so if it's in there, I think it would be replicated in each zone that has water. Anyway, it's just a theory. But if it's replicated in every zone file, it will be a pain to fix because you'd have to update it in ALL zone files that render water.
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