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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Commands only work for the host since the client never loads that lua on join. I'm currently looking for an alternate script/function to add everything to.
  2. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    Is there anyway to write a script where one shortcut could then run any of these functions in succession?
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    .48 alpha released! See OP for download.


    Fixed the quiet radios and now they all play clearly at the correct volume. Each station now has an individual key combo that lets you also advance to the next track. Thanks to BadMadScientist for writing all the conditional blocks for the last 7 stations!

    * NOTE: The stations don't automatically start the next track after ending the current one so you will have to manually advance them (for now.) This is something I am currently working on along with many more radio features like customized/randomized playlists.

    7 + INSERT = The MIXX next track
    7 + HOME = K12 next track
    7 + PGUP = KRUNCH Next Track
    7 + DELETE = KLASSIC next track
    7 + END = ADULT SWIM next track
    7 + PGDOWN = KABRON next track
    7 + RIGHT = KRHYME next track
    7 + LEFT = GENX next track
    7 + DOWN = RADIO OFF
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  4. gl2gz1

    gl2gz1 Banned

    hey all. i didnt have much time to do anything with new other tod stuff yet for the other 2 im working on, but i fixed a couple small things that were bothering me in the saint john thing, i fixed somethin small with sound nobody will notice but i think it sounds more the way i wanted it, & added the switch to switch to a version anywhere. its still slightly diff, but i made it a quick little transition, nothing fancy, but just whatever. hope u guys like. there were a couple things that were annoying me the settings i had left in before. but just dumb stuff. but anyways i added a quick touch here or there and in this unoffical one its like how before, becuz for some reason i see that idol u have that in there to kill all the processes when u leave, i guess thats what that thing is for at the end, but its just not simply cooperating. at least for me it not. in this one, u can for time being, until gets fixed, the it will manually do it like before, just F+UP to go the regular one (with minor touchups) & for now til incorporated into official, here its just 7+up again to enter apocalypse of saint john anywhere, * 7+Down, to leave completely. then u can go about whatever. but something was grinding on my nerves in the last settings & i couldnt place it, & i already swallowed the fact that my overhead clouds werent gonna be on par with next one or the stuff out in the distance, so my visuals in this one are still the same even though i have like 5 different variations of this one alone.... (first is called apocalypse, 2nd will be rapture, & third will be some similarly crazy ass sounding crap, lol. but anyways here's that updated & stuff, & idol i dont know why, if the one thing is truly only happening for me, but theres no question about it, & yeah i can see u put the commands what look to be absolutely what should be when translating it for toggle that other way, but its not workin & frankly its annoying cuz i hate it when stuff like that doesn't make sense. i mean the command is in there. i dont know Anything & i can see that. i hate it when stuff doesnt make sense, lol. anyways, hope yall enjoy & if have ideas or input or whatever its appreciated. its whatever, alright yall. i on vacation best i can but i appreciated positive feedback so much that i had to make time to fix it tonight even though someone else sitting at the end of the bed isnt too happy about it, lol. whatever she's dumb, im goin to sleep, thx agin for comments on tod & all that. and idol keep up the good work man, u realize u & the others here are probably solely responsible for giving this game that "it gets better with age," factor that just IS UNHEARD OF in video games. excluding nostalgia of course. lol, i can still recite the 99 lives code for the original contra but that doesnt mean its better with age lol. or somethin like that i dont know how to say what im sayin i was drinking whataver, enjoy yall.

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  5. gl2gz1

    gl2gz1 Banned

    oh ok i just saw ur post about adding it to the cycle. my latest that lets u do anywhere still has slight intro but the shortest one i made still flashes 3 times in one second & thunder hits with the grenade, & then ur good to go, lol. if theres ways to do that stuff where it can sit right in there then im all for it. the whole reason eliminate flashy intro isnt cuz i dont want any dramatic stuff even for the opening second that u click the button. it kinda fits with what was trying to do, but wanted version without long intro cuz as a gamer, i know i might just wanna jump in & out of some stuff, not cuz the split second lighting effect gets in the way. im all about milliseconds so i dont need to always drag something out, i just learned this stuff & having fun with it. i made a lighting tod scenario that changes tod to the tempo and the beat of hero & kanye's power & the rocky one, with some cool lil effects & chicks moaning from the escorts, lol, i hope that stuff is ok. if truly is limited in key commands that would be different, but i was under impression u could make as many toggles or key-combos as needed, but maybe wrong there, i dunno. in any case, if not something people like then screw it anyway, but yeah i defintely want any thing i do to have a way to get to meat of whatever it is, whether its an "alternate environment-atmosphere," which what the tod stuff is im doing i guess or whatever it is, dont get me wrong, im conscious of fact that 'nobody wants to sit thru a squaresoft JRPG scene that u just watched 20 times but have to watch it again becuz they wont let u pass it to get to the boss,' - type of thing.

    EDIT : if i do upload the song stuff was mentioning, i actually did that last wk & think i could update knowing more now, & stuff but its all still sandbox stuff. kill ur cops & go to town, etc, i just wanna incorporate some stuff i figured out in past couple days into that one. i did that right when i saw crazy possibilitlies and challenge myself to see if could learn how to do, so they need updated if was gonna use that. i really should close my laptop, this sucks all i wanna do is work on this stuff right now & im kinda in a bad situation for that lol dammt whatever goonigt yalk
  6. Hum,i have remove the mod but i can't use the arrow keys again.
    Have a solution please?
  7. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    You tried restoring default key settings?
  8. This whole mod doesn't work for me. I also restored default key settings.
    Also, how long does it take for the key binding to activate? Cus I'm holding them for like minute's but they won't work :mad:.
  9. Do you have the Steam version of SR:TT?
  10. Here's something I'd like to share with you all. I've been tying to find a game's engine names for free-roaming NPCs so we can have even more fun with Sandbox+. By executing this two snippets of code:

    player_force_vehicle_seat(LOCAL_PLAYER, 1)

    local myride = get_char_vehicle_name(LOCAL_PLAYER)
    local driver = vehicle_get_driver(myride)
    sandboxplus_message("Your driver is "..driver..".")

    I found out that:
    1) NPCs that drive "your" car during missions are called the same way as they're called in LUA (no surprise)
    2) Nyte Blayde homie is called "02_saints_male_nightblade000" (no typo there; I don't know if collecting other homie's names will turn out useful but who knows!)
    3) Pedestrians that drive their cars around Steelport are still unknown: function doesn't return any output and breaks further Sandbox+ usage.
    4) Recruitable homies ("Customizable gang" ones) are called "#FOLLOWER#" (it's a singular form but it seems to bind all of your current followers) and yes, you can "affect" them with functions, just not every of them.

    For example, this is a very WIP code of function that turns your homie into a personal chauffeur so you can enjoy the ride (and shoot other things):

    Code (Text):

    elseif player_action_is_pressed(B_DELETE) and not SEVEN_PUSHED then      
    player_force_vehicle_seat(LOCAL_PLAYER, 1) --This one need to be activated in a first place. It makes your character to take a passanger's seat.
    sandboxplus_message("You are a passenger. Tap SEVEN and END when you and your follower will be in a car.")
                    SEVEN_PUSHED = true
                elseif player_action_is_pressed(B_END) and not SEVEN_PUSHED then
    local myride = get_char_vehicle_name(LOCAL_PLAYER)
    local driver = vehicle_get_driver(myride)
    set_team(driver, "Civilian") -- That and following lines are responsible for making sure that your driver won't escape the car when you get some heat on
    ai_set_personality(driver, "civilian cowardly")
    vehicle_max_speed(myride, 30.0) --This one sets maximum speed of your car. It does that for 2 reasons: it prevents driver from
                                    --cannon-sheilding and makes the targeting actually possible.
    sandboxplus_message("Ride with a style.")
                    SEVEN_PUSHED = true
                elseif player_action_is_pressed(B_PGDWN) and not SEVEN_PUSHED then
    local myride = get_char_vehicle_name(LOCAL_PLAYER)
    local driver = vehicle_get_driver(myride)
    sandboxplus_message("Your driver is "..driver..".") --Please, tap this function keybind every time you end up driving as a passenger with
                                                        --some "other" drivers. Maybe you'' find some other NPC names!
                    SEVEN_PUSHED = true
    Here's the quick how-to:
    1) Get ONE follower (recuritable homie, ones that keep spawning on streets)
    2) Find a two-door car
    3) Press 7 and DELETE
    3) Enter chosen car from passenger's side
    4) Wait for your homie to take driver's seat - he will start to drive shortly after
    5) Press 7 and END to set him to a person who won't actually run away when police/other gangs will start shooting at him. He'll still drive like a madman but I got some VERY fun time with that set.

    Things like rolling with more homies, driving in fourdoors, operating mounted guns, looking for more usefull functions (follower_remain_in_car() perhaps?) still need to be examined. Of course I'll be working on that but sadly, my time will be very limited. I'm posting this alpha version to give you 1) a quick look 2) encourage to do your own stuff 3) maybe tweak it further? Maybe someday we will drive with Mayor Reynolds, shoot Morningstar and listen to "You're the best around" at the same time?
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