Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    That was incredibly unhelpful.
  2. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    I know i was just agreeing with you and stuff i know it was unhelpful.
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV wip build 15 released!

    E + END - Toggle drunk walking animations
    E + RIGHT ARROW - Toggle player invulnerability
    E + LEFT ARROW - Immediately revive all downed homies
    E + DOWN ARROW - Playa dance party
    E + UP ARROW - Give $100,000 cash
    E + LEFT BRACKET - Set Player team to police/alien

    More importantly, this build fixes the zone issues that players have been having after teleporting. Now, loading a save, telelporting to a gateway in the open world, or teleporting to the ship crib will automagically clean up all leftover zones so that players won't have to remember to manually clear them.

    Please note that preload_anim.vpp_pc has changed (it adds a dance animation) and will need to be copied to /cache. Also, some of the utility commands have moved to the 8 key combos to make space for more special commands.

    See OP for download.
  4. Awesome. Glad to see the team change and drunk animation commands have returned!
  5. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    awww still no mission replay yet hope it comes in build 16
  6. can you make joe's melee animation for the player character? you know like the mission when fighting paul. it'd be nice to have those animations instead of those sucky ones that the normal melee has.
  7. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    He has a binding morphs you into joe but like idol ninja said it is very broken like when you activate it your like a big stretchy mess like the avatar rampage avatar morph in saints row 3 but in saints row 4 the joe guy actually when you do that morph the camra is in the right place. But it is very unstable doesn't even have joes laddle doesn't walk right ether it may not be possible i am no modder but i am just using my knowledge when i used the binding and what idol ninja typed next to the binding of it being broken.
  8. i just want joe's melee animations on the player,thats it. but alright thanks.
  9. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    your welcome
  10. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    If the build 16 comes after the required patch, it'll be in.
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