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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by [V] IdolNinja, Sep 8, 2013.

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  2. Since Let's pretend doesn't include all clothing types, wouldn't it be possible to make hotkeys that open the menu's for the other 2 shops? or perhaps just add the missing clothes into the store?
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  3. "E + RIGHT BRACKET - Increase player height"

    Removes super speed & adds super stomp to every jump... Please help
  4. Help with what exactly?
  5. E + RIGHT BRACKET - Increase player height"

    Removes Super Speed & adds Death From Above with every jump landing.

    I would like help with keeping the jumps & the super speed like they were before while having a larger character with E + RIGHT BRACKET.

    Thanks for the reply
  6. Hmm.. i don't see there`s a toggle ghost town in the sandbox. Would you kindly add it up please?

    No pedestrians and cars but just city. :p
    Thanks. ;)
  7. Hi can I increase players height pls help someone
  8. Good Evening. So After a while of not playing Saints Row, I decided to play again. I have installed a couple of mods already. I recently came across this mod and tried to install it. So now after all the intro videos, just before the main menu I get a blue loading bar where 4 bars are full. Please could someone assist me with this matter if possible?

    And then just another quick question: Are the character servers permanently down? Like I said been a while since I played. And if they are down is there a way to get characters downloaded and imported into the game still or not?
  9. Do not. It is outdated. Install TTDD instead.

    They are permanently down as of January 31, 2018. Use Emulator
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  10. Aah, thank you. Will give these a try when i get home from work today
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