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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. ....where did this ported DLC come from? Why is it in my game? why is it broken? why are the freaking septic trucks in one mission made of TIN?

    Seriously, why?
  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    They're from GotR and there's no way to port them better, unfortunately.
  3. aaah, i still despise the septic truck one.....fuggin...helicopter.....bacinator gun...0-0 somebody PLEASE make a burgergun
  4. I loved the septic truck activities! It was Crowd Control that was too hard for me to beat level 1 of...
  5. What i'm talking about is the ported DLC mission where you have to protect a septic truck while in a helicopter.
    Your missiles do barely any damage to the things but one TINY car can blow it across the map!
  6. Can I recruit other gang members like the Sons of Samedi or the Ronin too?
  7. I believe so. Just look through the readme with all the commands in it
  8. I don't understand how to put the folder in the game... I mean, I know how, but where do I put ..\Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9_final\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE\? I tried putting the folder in the game and putting the LUA for the city file in it, I started the game, I crashed. I deleted the folder and tried to put it just in the directory, crashed, I deleted the LUA, and now I need some help, please.
  9. The instructions should be inside all the readme text. I'm not too sure what you are attempting to do but if you only put optional mods into that folder that you want to add to the game and run the batch file. After that it is a matter of copying the patch.vpp file and the other files to the Saints Row 2 folder where the original files are kept like it says in the instructions and then run the game
  10. Alright, thank you.
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