Saints Row IV autosave collection

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Guys i can't save my game so if any one let me have a save game at less from 30% completed or whatever i'll really appreciate that
  2. Hi I'm searching a 100% coop save file for SR4. I know a collection and multiple save exist but it doesn't work anymore the game load only the sr4save_X.sr4s_pc now. so if anyone can post it, he will be very nice.
    Thank you
    By the way any save editor exist?
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  3. Cool username you have there. It reminds me of The Phenom ;)
  4. Would this help?
    From an earlier post of mine: PRO TIP: I had a hard time making it work for me, but I finally just renamed the file I wanted to use to "sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc", backed up my old autosave, and replaced it with the renamed one. Worked like a charm.
  5. I try this tip before but it doesn't work (unfortunately ...) the code for the save change. that's why i ask for a recent save.
  6. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure you delete "sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc". Then these autosaves should work. The game can still load the old autosave format, but only if "sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc" doesn't exist.
    (you may want to copy it somewhere first, in case you want to keep it)
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  7. Still doesn't want to work

  8. Is there ny chance I might get it to work now? And how do you disable syncing files to the cloud?
  9. file no longer works, its just a .rar
  10. So, heads up for anyone here like me that got here through google:

    I used these saves for my brother, since his save file got accidentally overwritten. I went through a ton of effort to get this going on the Steam version, but I'm like 99% sure that the the old sr3 file format no longer works on the Steam version of SR4. I tried a ton of different save files, made sure to clear out the save folder beforehand, and the only saves that ever worked were the ones with the newer sr4/srg safe file format. However, I tried the GOG version and can confirm these saves still work on the GOG version, presumably because its an older build that doesn't have the steam workshop stuff. So if you're on Steam, I recommend trying to find a sr4/srg save file instead.
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