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    The Saints Row IV autosave collection is a set of save files; one for each point in the game. It's purpose is for testing mods out at specific points in the story, or if you simply need a save.

    Naming progress is kind of difficult since there are three possible names you can reference:
    1. The save file name
    2. The in-progress name of the mission (often but not always matches the save game name)
    3. The completed mission name shown on the splash screen and the completed objective screen

    Each folder is named in this manner (order number for sorting) (script name) (splash completion screen or objective name) (save name) (percent complete)


    You can find your save games here:
    ..\Steam\userdata\[steam user id number]\206420\remote\

    Each subfolder in this archive contains a sr3save_00.s3_pc file. This 00 file is the autosave. Simply overwrite the existing file in \remote with your choice from the archive and then load the autosave in-game. You may want to consider backing up your \remote folder first, just in case something goes wrong.

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    The archive has been updated with saves for all missions. There are still a few gold activities and challenges to be done, but most of them are finished (97%). Of note, the tornado super sprint upgrade, and dual wielding for either the pistol or the smg were not purchased as part of any saves. This was on purpose since many people hate these upgrades (including me.) Also, level 4 fire immunity was gained after level 3 to avoid the current bug. See the OP for download.
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  3. On a related note, if you hit Alt+F4 on the "pick your character" screen in SRTT or SRIV, the autosave is at that screen. I renamed mine to sr3save_01.sr3s_pc (overwriting a manual save from right after I picked a character) and now I can select it whenever I want to roll a new President.
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    If you want to post it then I can add it into the archive. That goes for anyone else who has an interesting save that might be of value for mod testing.
  5. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Updated the autosave collection with #44: 100% completion with all activities gold and all challenges completed. This final save does not have tornado or dual wielding purchased so you can do that yourself if you want. Personally I hate them.
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    Updated to v1.1 with additional saves after each Enter the Dominatrix mission.
  7. hii, Idol ninja, your save files are not working.Even when i replace it with my Save file nothing happens. Actually , i checked that all the (.gsba , .sr3d_pc , sr3DEF_PROFILE) are needed to take effect, so plzzzz could you give me your full storage folder for the mission {22 (m09) The Saints Flow - The Boss Goes to Washington - 27}. plzzzzzz upload as fast as u can. THANX IN ADVANCE!!!
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    You don't need the rest of those files as long as you have your own autosave file created. i.e. 00 file. Play the game until it's created then replace it with one from the collection.
  9. Ok, I will try it and inform u if it works.
  10. I have tried doing it , nothing happened. I have also found that even after deleting the save file (sr3save_00.sr3s_pc) except {{ .gsba , .sr3d_pc , sr3DEF_PROFILE}} then also the save files appear in the game and I am able to load them too. [[[also on other sites which are providing 100% completed saved games all the files are provided but i want to complete the game myself :) ]]]. plzzz help!!! I dont want to play half of the game again. <<is there any way to get the previously played missions as you gave for SRT III>>
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