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Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by FusionH2o, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Looks great. Have it in my game and it runs without issues. ;)
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  3. Been trying to get a Moon installed but it turns out bad. Only comes out after sunset but it appears all over the sky.

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-11-55-91.jpg

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-12-14-34.jpg

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-17-37-66.jpg

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-17-46-96.jpg

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-18-30-43.jpg

    SR2_pc 2018-01-15 14-12-14-34.jpg
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  4. Updated Main Menu, updated loading screens, ect.

    Powered by Saints Row Mods screen:
    SR2_pc 2018-01-17 04-08-32-75.jpg

    Updated Main menu (with Janson's help, thanks Janson):
    SR2_pc 2018-01-17 04-08-46-70.jpg

    and Updated Loading:
    SR2_pc 2018-01-17 04-08-50-80.jpg
    Stay tuned!
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  5. Small update: Eltrain tracks updated and almost looks identical as they were in the first game:

    The color of them slightly lighter.
    SR2_pc 2018-01-31 21-29-14-85.jpg

    What you think of the new look?
    SR2_pc 2018-01-31 21-30-07-18.jpg
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  6. Update::
    New clouds looks similar to the ones in the first game, and the fog has been corrected.

    Some of these are fluffy clouds while others are cirrus clouds:
    SR2_pc 2018-02-01 22-50-46-89.jpg SR2_pc 2018-02-01 22-50-55-04.jpg SR2_pc 2018-02-01 22-51-01-10.jpg SR2_pc 2018-02-01 22-51-10-20.jpg
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  7. Sorry but no, due to Microsoft's copyright laws and the forum rules which states: "No console modding".
  8. that sucks

    oh well might aswell wait for sr1 to be compatible with xenia
  9. Its a Texture Pack