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Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by FusionH2o, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. I bet he would! It's to die for lol.
  2. Update: "Welcome to Stilwater...
    ...and it's with one 'L,' bitch."
    Two or more signs with the famous quote. These can be found just about everywhere, it replaces the Ultor signs:
    SR2_pc 2017-08-21 11-31-49-36.png SR2_pc 2017-08-21 11-32-08-66.png SR2_pc 2017-08-21 11-32-59-89.png SR2_pc 2017-08-21 11-33-14-19.png
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  4. it'd be cool to replace $/videos/TSSP-INTRO-pt1.bik with this one from sr1 that played after you went afk. (if you need it in raw bik form i can provide.)
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  5. I'll see what I can do as I already have Rad Game Tools installed with Bink and Smacker.
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  6. And SR1 hud texture. That would be great...
  7. hey man i tried it. the minimap is configured differently in the texture file. in sr1 the full minimap texture is there where as in sr2 it is just half of it and it gets mirrored in game to form a full circle. and the weapon wheel / health hud is too detailed to be cropped right compared to sr2s flat edgy design. here is my attempt. [​IMG]
  8. It still looks good. You make this mod, I'll add you to my credits list of my next version of my texture pack. ;)
  9. I'll try my best. SR1 and SR2 are made differently in the files. There was barely enough room in the sr2 peg file for the hud. Also if you didnt notice i got the sr1 SKR-7 Spree (Mac10) Icon fixed. Idol used some random mac10 photo lol
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  10. Haven't gave up on this project and I'm still working on it. The video Janson shared is from SR1, it's called the Demo, this video plays if the user dont touch any button or keys within a few minutes of the game playing. I'll make a copy of it and rename it to TSSP-INTRO-pt1.bik. The only problem is, the video will replace the one with Anna.
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