Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3

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Finally the Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3 has arrived! With new textures and a new time of day mod that is similar with SR1's Time of Day. I added a custom cheats.xtbl file with appropriate time slots, don't worry, it won't flag your savegame unless you use the Low Gravity cheat then save ;). New time_of_day.xtbl file is similar to the one on the first Saints Row game but still the Moon don't work. Added my other mod that removes the "smirk" off your face while streaking too!

Not going into full detail here just play it and be amazed!

SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-49-44-63.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-50-51-24.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-52-01-80.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-52-33-27.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-53-57-33.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-54-26-76.png
SR2_pc 2016-09-17 16-55-59-70.png

1. Use GOTR, Extract and copy all files except for the video folder and the Read Me first file to "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder, then build patch.
2. Then make a backup of the video folder in your Saints Row 2 install directory
(I prefer renaming the folder to "videos.bak").
3. Then extract the video folder into your Saints Row 2 install directory. Then go play!
4. In the Shader folder is a "shaders_pc" file, extract it into the Saints Row 2 install directory or open your "shaders_pc" file with Notepad++ and find the line that says "data\shaders\internal\cube_map_render_s.fxo_pc" and delete it then save the file. When you start game the water color and water reflection will be similar to the water in Saints Row 1.

Note: This mod is fully compatible with Masamaru's SR2 HQ Texture Pack as it contains some textures from that mod that I used in making mine, some are modified and some aren't, (Thank you Masamaru).

Download latest version 3 Here:

Download version 2 here:

Link to the old version on Google Drive:
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This mod will have a different TOD than my than my other mod. I added new time periods like Dawn, Twilight, and Evening. There are two Twilights in the new TOD.xtbl, one occurs after Sunset and the other one occurs before Sunrise.

After Sunset this is what Twilight looks like:
SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-31-04-88.png

SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-31-54-21.png

SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-31-57-35.png

SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-32-01-83.png

Twilight and Sunrise
SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-40-18-44.png
SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-40-06-35.png
SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-41-24-37.png
SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-41-45-79.png


  • SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-40-30-89.png
    SR2_pc 2016-02-06 21-40-30-89.png
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Coming soon! Keep an eye out on this thread for additions. This is a beta version because some of the textures are not high quality. And there are a lot of textures that must be replaced so keep an eye out! I'll some screenshots to what has been done so far, enjoy!!

A new look for the GOTR Legal screen:
View attachment 12718
Game Main Menus :DView attachment 12719 View attachment 12720 View attachment 12721
and a few more sneekpeeks:View attachment 12722 View attachment 12723 View attachment 12724 View attachment 12725 View attachment 12726

Looks awesome, but why there is a "Deep Silver" sign ? :/
Well, honestly, I think it'd be better to leave THQ logo though. Like SonicTheSpeedstar said, Deep Silver doesn't have anything to do with Saints Row 2.

I removed Deep Silver logo, replaced it back with THQ.

New Update on the screens are as follows:

Legal screen for GoTr:

The Main Menu has been updated:
SR2_pc 2016-02-17 03-51-22-50.png

Masamaru has given me permission to use his/her SR2 HQ Texture Pack along with mine so I figured I'd give a heads up on that. Thank you Masamaru. I will also mention in the credits from all those who have helped in making this texture pack available to our community ;)
The Main Menu has been updated:
This Saints Row logo is a bit cut up at the bottom and and quite constricted comparing to this 2... I think it'd be better to leave original GotR Saints Row 2 logo if there's no way to change that.
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