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Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by FusionH2o, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Yep it's slowly looking like the ROW, even at night the windows in the church lights up bright. I even redone the the color of Ultor's light reflection on the Phillips Building. Still have tons of stuff to do before releasing this texture pack in the Mod Releases section of the forum.

    Have a look around and see what's been changed:

    Bright church lights
    SR2_pc 2018-02-12 00-23-09-46.jpg

    Closer view
    SR2_pc 2018-02-12 00-23-39-28.jpg

    Very close
    SR2_pc 2018-02-12 00-23-59-89.jpg

    Ultor logo different color w/ new clouds in the background
    SR2_pc 2018-02-12 00-24-13-10.jpg

    Notice how closer it gets darker? Just like it was in Saints Row 1
    SR2_pc 2018-02-12 00-24-37-53.jpg

    More stuff on the way!!!
  2. Time to put on my Sunday best...
  3. I believe that the Mansions could be done, but the Price one would still have the garbage in the back. Could always re-add it as a garage point tho with some .cts modding. ;)
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  4. I'm a big fan of this texture pack, I cant wait till v3 gets released. FusionH2o where did u learn how to use the tools for sr2
  5. The next version will be V4. V3 has already been released, look at the beginning of this thread on page 1.

    Edit:: My mod Saints Row Weather Mod for SR2 will be release with this texture pack, it will also be updated as well as my other mod, The Return of Red Alert!
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  6. Update:: Price's Mansion almost restored!
    SR2_pc 2018-02-15 02-33-15-46.jpg SR2_pc 2018-02-15 02-34-12-26.jpg SR2_pc 2018-02-15 02-34-51-52.jpg
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  8. Sorry but there's no chimney on Price's Mansion in SR2 :(
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  9. Dang... Good news though, my tear ducts healed! so time to cry more tears of joy for this mod.
  10. Just for the hell of it, I'm going to create an Easter egg in my next version. But for now, next stop, the Lopez Mansion!