Saints Row 1 Drugs

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Janson, May 26, 2018.

  1. when is the mod gonna be finished?
  2. Hopefully sometime later. Its currently all there and playable. Its hard because of the amount of separate objects added.
  3. I've got a bug, none of them show up for me in-game. The icons and drugs are purchasable at stores, however when using them they're invisible in my characters hands. The only ones that work are forty's and blunts.
  4. You need to replace the preload.tbl with mine included.
    Do not put that file in your MODDERS folder like the rest of them.

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  5. This mod is not dead.
    What needs to be done:
    New bong animation to match Saints Row 1 (its in saints row 2 ive seen it but i have to add it somehow to only the bong)
    Patch for Complete Combat Overhaul (Preload and Bitsheet)
  6. It also needs icons fixed. Homies icons are either invisible or have the Ultor sign, and my controller icon for X is replaced with keyboard Enter lol
  7. F13


    I think you may be a bit confused, but I see where you're coming from; this isn't Ultor Rising, but it adds the drugs from that mod without all the other changes. If you have any issues/requests for Ultor Rising (and not the SR1 drugs mod) post them here:
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  8. You're the one that's confused. I'm not using/talking about Ultor Rising, I'm just saying that the standalone drugs mod seems to have leftover files from Ultor Rising.
  9. F13


    Really? Maybe try deleting the file "bitmap_sheetsen.XTBL" from the MODDERS folder.
  10. This mod was made for ultor rising and standalone does need work.
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