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  1. This mod re adds most of the drugs from Saints Row 1 that's files were left in the game, I found them in meshes.vpp_pc, reenabled them in drugs.xtbl, and added their meshes to the preload file, which you will need to overwrite once you have created your patch file.
    Courtesy of MasakoTeam, we now have all the drugs and models. I guess I didn't dig enough!
    This mod will now be a standalone of the drugs feature in his mod Ultor Rising
    Smoke up thugs!
    The only issue so far is that the neck of the bong is transparent and the animation is using the default smoke one, I will need to add a whole new drug class later.

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  2. the difference between this and anyone else who's done this is that i corrected the text elements in the table to function correctly, and i restored the models corresponding to the drug.
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    Now this looks interesting, I'm gonna try it out in the evening. ^^
  4. Thanks for this. I've been trying for months to get it done. Now would it be possible to restore the SR1 liquor so that I would have a reason to visit Brown Baggers?
  5. Download the mod and go there. What you're asking for might already be in.
  6. Which lines did you add to preload? I want to make this compatible with my SR2 Combat Overhaul mod
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  7. Compare your preload with his using Winmerge. Google Winmerge
  8. Reading all the comments here it looks like this guy is being attacked which is not okay
  9. ???
  10. "p_blunt.g_peg"
    around 539
    blunt might not be my addition im not sure i havent touched saints row 2 in a while due to burnout of constant modding for a whole year.
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