Restore Skyscrapers/Cribs (City Overhaul With Possible Interiors)

So I was viewing the Crib Mod by Fan Of Saints ( on the workshop and it had me thinking... what about overhauling the entire city back to SR:TT? If that's even possible? I know the overhaul just adds in teleporters and objects that were already in the game to begin with.With GTA 4 people are able to mod objects like skyscrapers into the game and play around with the city, so why not here? Where do the limitations end? Maybe make Steelport seem more alive like the concept art for the SR:TT? Even though it had a bland city, still, SR4 is even more bland without those extra buildings. Or even custom models or buildings taken from SR:TT's Stillwater to add variation to the boring skyline?

Then I put up a comment on the mod page, and here's what I said:

"You could go really far with this mod, make it even more than just interiors but overhaul the map as a whole! I would love to use the default SR3 city, because I feel it's much more detailed than it is in SR4. Would add so much more immersion and exploration if that's possible, since they have such similar engines I think it is!
Here are some suggestions, I'll be as specific as I can to give you some ideas with mission number if there is one:

Exterior and Interior

Stilwater bank-SR3-#1
Convention center(PR center)-SR3-#32, #28
Loren's tower(Garage and floors)-SR3-#12
Morningstar weapon store aka Powder-SR3-#11
News room(abandoned office building/with ext)-SR3-#27
Zimo's crib
Shaundi's crib
Decker power plant (with decker exterior and interior)-SR3-#29
Convenience store-SR3-#32
Safeword(Morningstar version)-SR3-#18, #13
Saint's HQ(I know it's already in there but I think there are more interiors in the building. It has a utitlity room used in mission #5 of SR3, and some second floor in mission #33. Instead of it being on the SR4 grid map it could replace the rubble in the SR4 map. I think that'd be cool)
Stag aircraft carrier(farther away from city)-SR3-#34
Keith's rally building-SR4-#23
Cargo ship-SR3(farther away from city)-#22
Military Warehouse-#3

Mayor's office-SR3-#36
Stilwater bank-SR3-#1
Stilwater nightclub-SR4-#15
Mr. X compound-SR4-#18
Cyrus' compund-SR4-#1
Zynak spaceship-#4, #12, #21, #27
North Pole-SR4DLC-#2
Pleasantville-SR4DLC-#1(Winter, could be a teleporter that would activate it)
Stag plane-SR3-#35
Three Count(Just a teleporter to go back there within the HQ there)
Stadium aka Murderbrawl-SR3-#39
Film studio-SR3DLC-#3

Decker skyscraper
Luchador skyscraper
Stripper building
Stop lights/street lights/billboards/advertisements/lamps/highway signs(all normalized)
Removing spaceship

(To prevent interfering with the activities, once you finish climbing the towers, complete the hotspots, and wipe out the flashpoints, the missing buildings would be added back in. As for the flashpoint decor and floating platforms, they would return to the default SR3 state with them both normalized aka no sci fi stuff so it would be like you're saving the simulation and actually are making progress back to normality and non-opression!)

So yeah, these are just ideas as I said. SR4 would be so awesome with all of these in, would become not just a crib mod but an interior and map mod as well. Good luck if you decide to do any! I also understand if some won't work or will be too glitchy as you said with a few above. I adore your mod <3"

This is just an idea, throwing stuff out there to mod creators if they want to make the game even more awesome.




1. SR4 is not GTA4
2. We don't have map editor or tools to port SR TT Steelport
3. There is a mod for SR TT billboards