1. qwe860375924

    I try to transfer the boss model into gmod。

    I tried to save the shape files ,I want to adjust the muscles of the boss but the normal map does not match,Is the normal map itself just like this?
  2. U

    SRIII/IV Textures

    I've been using with success on characters, haven't tried anything else yet but when I've tried to do vehicles every texture is a corrupted dds for some reason. I was wondering if anyone has had success making them work...
  3. A

    Change Zombie Uprising protagonist to player character

    Is there a way to do this easily? I'd prefer it if I could use my own character in the minigame.
  4. Joemoo

    Restore Skyscrapers/Cribs (City Overhaul With Possible Interiors)

    So I was viewing the Crib Mod by Fan Of Saints ( on the workshop and it had me thinking... what about overhauling the entire city back to SR:TT? If that's even possible? I know the overhaul just adds in teleporters and objects that...
  5. Le'ord Charmander

    Apoca Fists Model

    Is there a way I could possibly get the models of the Apoca Fists?