1. T

    Cmesh_pc / gmesh_pc converter.

    I have been looking for a while, but couldn't find a working converter. The point is to convert the mesh of some vehicles to fbx, obj or dae, anything. Character Mesh Viewer evidently only works with characters, and ninjaripper is finicky, complicated and it's results require a lot of model...
  2. qwe860375924

    I try to transfer the boss model into gmod。

    I tried to save the shape files ,I want to adjust the muscles of the boss but the normal map does not match,Is the normal map itself just like this?
  3. U

    SRIII/IV Textures

    I've been using with success on characters, haven't tried anything else yet but when I've tried to do vehicles every texture is a corrupted dds for some reason. I was wondering if anyone has had success making them work...
  4. A

    Change Zombie Uprising protagonist to player character

    Is there a way to do this easily? I'd prefer it if I could use my own character in the minigame.
  5. Joemoo

    Restore Skyscrapers/Cribs (City Overhaul With Possible Interiors)

    So I was viewing the Crib Mod by Fan Of Saints ( on the workshop and it had me thinking... what about overhauling the entire city back to SR:TT? If that's even possible? I know the overhaul just adds in teleporters and objects that...
  6. Le'ord Charmander

    Apoca Fists Model

    Is there a way I could possibly get the models of the Apoca Fists?