Remastered support with old mods

I was thinking, if the remaster is the same game just with new graphics could some mods actually work on this version of SRTT.
Remains to be seen, many people in the modding scene are waiting for the game to release on Steam until they buy it, so we don't got that many people to share info on it.
Guess what? xbtl still works, not all of them is compatible

additional cheats still works, sadly sandbox+ isn't compatible at this point
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Hey, I'm returning to the Saints Row The Third world with the remaster and I was wondering, is the mod that made you able to replay the missions compatible ?
I want to know exactly why Sandbox+ doesn't work (I don't own Remastered) so I made a simple test script.
Upon loading a saved game, it should display "HELLO WORLD!", teleport you to Boat Dock, and gives you 5 stars police wanted level.

If this script works then I suspect they removed some functions like "player_button_is_pressed".
If a Hello World message shows up but doesn't teleport you, then they removed teleport functions.
If it doesn't work at all (not even a Hello World message) then it could mean any of the following:
* message function got removed
* sr3_city_main() is not called by the game anymore (it was a blank function in the 2011 vanilla so they may have decided to not bother it)
* sr3_city.lua is not loaded by the game; the game lost its ability to load loose lua files (only xtbl is loaded)
* The contents of sr3_city.lua is drastically different from the original (2011) version.
* The game doesn't use Lua anymore; missions are now hardcoded in C++ (I heard Agents of Mayhem is apparently like this)

I also want to know if game_lib.lua is loaded by the game, so I uploaded a modified game_lib.lua.
If the first enemies in the first bank heist mission shows health bars, then game_lib.lua is loaded by the game and the missions still use Lua internally.


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All gibbed tools not works.
Rick doesn't support tools for SR anymore. So unless he is interested in remastered version, it would be hard to expect update tools.