Question about Saints Row 1 3D Models extraction.

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  1. More info about this application: Model Researcher is a program for studying binary files of 3D models. Model Researcher allows to display and visualize the data read from the file with the specified parameters, and also save them in the 3D Obj format. The program is a great help with the search for vertex data, faces, texture coordinates and normal vectors in an unknown 3D format. The main feature of the program is the support of the scripts in the programming language Python, which allows to extract models from almost any format.





    - Analyze the 3D model files, search of vertices, faces, texture coordinates, normal vectors
    - Data output is presented textually
    - Data visualization in 3D format
    - Visualization of texture coordinates
    - Highlight data structure in the built-in Hex-Viewer
    - Applying textures to the model
    - Support of Python scripts
    - System of submeshes
    - Normals vectors
    - Loading and saving templates with form values
    - Data export in Obj format

    Work of the program (Texture)

    Page of the program:


    Description of API functions:
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  2. So this tool could work with any SR?
  3. With SR1-2 yes. Sr3-4 have layout of vertices and polygons in a file is more complicated and therefore it is more difficult to find polygons and vertices related to the same model from several
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  4. It seems that this Model Researcher has opened up new opportunities for this community in modding.:cool:
  5. If you haven't realize yet, a .MDL files (like the one shown in my previous post) are a model file used by Warcraft III, a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment; stores a 3D model, including objects, meshes, and textures for buildings and units; allows text-based editing of model properties before generating a binary .MDX file used by Warcraft III.

    MDL files use a nested structure to create model properties. For example, a material element may include a layer property which in turn defines a transparent property for the layer.

    NOTE: MDL files are the text version of MDX 3D model binary files. They can be converted to the MDX format using the MDLX Converter program. From there, you can use several modeling tools to edit the model.
    Programs that open MDL files:

    MDLX Converter
    Blizzard Warcraft 3 Art Tools
    Microsoft Notepad
    Other text editor

    Apple TextEdit
    Bare Bones TextWrangler
    Other text editor.

    Half Life series also uses them.

    Edit:: Looks like original Quake also uses a custom .MDL files too.
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  6. so...its possible to extract...some saints row 1 models/textures..with that tool? im kinda confused..
  7. Textures you can extract with special peg tools. Use Google for find it
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