saints row the third remaster

  1. Singa

    Actual Fire Truck

    What's a fire truck without any fire? The polar opposite to my recent mod: This mod allows you to use the cannon on top of the fire truck, emphasis on the "fire" part. It is basically a weaker, yet more mobile version of the Gatmobile's flamethrower. It is still powerful, and unlike the...
  2. Singa

    Functioning Fire Truck

    Were you also disappointed when getting into a Blaze for the first time in SRTT, only to realize that you couldn't use its waterspray, despite having an icon for it in the hud? This mod re-enables the firetruck's watercannon that was removed from SRTT. It works similarly to SR2's, letting you...
  3. Singa

    Singa's Weapon Mods

    This is a bundle of all my weapon mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, making my mods compatible with each other. You can choose to download the mod standalone or a version that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch. Included are: Actual Fire Truck: This mod allows you to use...
  4. Singa

    Female Soldiers

    Just like my female cops mod, this mod adds female soldiers to the Steelport National Guard. They're basically the alternate cop strippers with the SNG color scheme. They will spawn in SNG Bulldogs, Challenger tanks, Eagle and Vulture Helicopters. Screenshots: Installation: To install it...
  5. Singa

    Gat Is Back

    This is a WIP that adds Johnny Gat as a homie to your cellphone, he doesn't replace another homie but is a new entry in the file. Known issues: There is no name and description for his cellphone entry, since we can't edit strings from the remaster yet. While he does perform his unique knife...
  6. Singa

    Use Fine Aim With Sniper Rifle & Togo-13

    This mod allows you to fine aim with the McManus 2015 Sniper Rifle and the Togo-13. You can fine aim like with most other weapons by right clicking and then use the scroll wheel to enter scoped mode. I also added 2 more zoom stages to the Sniper Rifle to make using the scope on mid-range better...
  7. Singa

    Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons

    This mod changes the temporary pick-up weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Shock Hammer) into regular weapons that you can keep and access in your weapons cache. You will find the Minigun and Flamethrower in the SPECIAL category, the Grenade Launcher in the EXPLOSIVES category...
  8. Singa

    SRTT - Remastered | More Gibs

    I edited most explosives and vehicle mounted weapons such as helicopter miniguns and VTOL lasers in the game to make enemies explode into gibs like the Apoca Fists or Sonic Boom. This mod is also available for Gat out of Hell -> here Installation: To install the mod, simply copy the included...
  9. Singa

    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. Version for the original game can be found here. The vehicles included in this mod: Installation: Open the folder of the vehicle you want and copy its .xtbl-file into...
  10. Singa

    Mod Compatibility With The Remaster

    We see more and more questions pop up on mods for the original version of Saints Row: The Third whether that mod is compatible with the remastered version or not. Instead of bumping old threads to ask that question, we think it would be much more beneficial for the modding community as a whole...
  11. Singa

    Modding Mishaps

    Share your stories or pictures of mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered that didn't quite turn out as expected with us!