1. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged backseat

    the backseats of any kenshin in my game doesn't work even tho the backseats of sandstorms, hoverbikes, and jetskis work perfectly fine for me. despite playing my entire playthru only using kenshin, i was able to get an npc to sit on it as a passenger only a single time, but they were sitting...
  2. E

    Faster Cars

    in options you can change that to 100%, but what about 1000%?
  3. Nocturne59

    Porting SRTT vehicles to SR4

    Some people noticed some cars actually removed such as Cosmos, Go, Kayak, Neuron etc. in Saints Row 4. I saw a mod in here that ports <Assert> to Saints Row The Third. If porting vehicles is possible then can someone port removed SRTT vehicles to SR4?
  4. Merronkur

    NPCs don't rip you out of your vehicle & driving a car that explodes doesn't kill you instantly

    this is definitely one of the most annoying things in not just this game, but any game. i'd like a mod where NPCs never get the notion to forcibly remove you from your vehicle in which you have no choice but to just sit there and take it, losing control of your character for all of what feels...
  5. V

    More cars on roads in city

    Hello) I want to make a more realistic city and add more cars on the road (Not new cars, but simply more cars that are already in the game files, in a visible section of the road), but I don’t understand in which file it can be edited! I found a file with deleting cars over time, but this is not...
  6. P

    requested mods

    homies/followers its a shame only 1 can be summoned hoping 3-5 followers following us in the game. button that remove party skin swapping you can swap your characters skin to following characters (The Boss, Dane Vogel, Shaundi, Jezebel, Pierce and etc) car warehouse/cars *button that can add...
  7. NAmorath

    Hammerhead Rear Bumper fix

    I started playing this magnificent game recently and the hammerhead quickly became one of my favorite cars, the only problem is that I find it incredibly annoying that the rear bumper keeps falling off when the engine backfires. I'd really appreciate if a mod was made to keep the bumper on.
  8. Joshua Sullins

    metal body paint for vehicles

    i was wondering if someone could possible make metal bodypaints (black titanium, white gold, chrome, gold, ect.)
  9. J

    Is there any way to transfer Relic to SR3 from SR4?

    Hi. I Love that car but its useless in SR4 well like all cars and main question is: can it be transfered to SR3?
  10. Spifferino

    Saints Row 4 Cars in Saints Row 3?

    Is there anyone out there that could develop a mod that puts the cars from Saints Row 4 into Saints Row 3? I really like lot's of the vehicles in Saint's Row 4, but I prefer playing Saint's Row 3 (Due to gameplay and story reasons I don't really need to get into on this thread). I'm mainly...
  11. chip1234 [NFS]

    is it possible to get SRIV cars into SRTT?

    i really dislike SRIV, but the game has a lot of nice cars like the rattler, relic, hollywood, lightning etc. seince both games use the same engine, wourld it be possible to replace some exsisting cars with the cars from SRIV or even add the cars in?
  12. MLVNRT


    I would like to know if a speedometer can be added on display when in a vehicle. Just some simple numbers on the side. I believe this would add a great deal of entertainment. Thanks.