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Discussion in 'Compilations' started by shitface, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. If this was already covered in the 43 pages of posts please forgive me and just say it was and i'll read through it, but is there a way to remove in specific the question mark npc? I know saints row is now about crazy fun but if possible i'd like to exclude the floating question mark civvies from spawning- i think i'll save that for sr4 with it being in a simulation and all. Could anyone direct me on how to do this? Thanks- I'm thinking it's from this mod since i don't have any other npc mods installed, and didn't see any floating question marks on my vanilla playthrough- Apologies if it wasn't from this mod, in which case.... well i guess this post is a bit null then isn't it?
  2. 7ex


  3. Thanks for the changing my diaper. I hope you did like what you found in it, though i suppose the thumbs up answers that.
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  4. But really, snarky replies aside, thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks "SF"( shitface ) for all your funtastic mods !:cool:
    Looking at your modified code for this mod I learned a lot about editing the action node files and it inspired me to create a mod based on yours that enables the strippers and gimp girls to spawn dancing all over the city.

    So therefore I respectfully request your permission to officially release this mod that is based on your NPC behaviour mod.:D
    Of course props and credits to you shall be displayed in the associated readme.
    Please let me know if this is allright with you.
    Thank you.;)
  6. Yeah, go ahead.
  7. I tried combining you mod with advanced Notoriety with win merge, but it keeps on crashing. Could you maybe add stag commanders into you mod? thanks
  8. lol, I came here thinking the purple question mark was a static, marking a model that was missing, and that I had installed the mod wrong or something.

    Fun mod btw, thanks for sharing
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  9. This 'preload_anim.vpp_pc' file is mandatory or optional to install? I love this mod, more fun to play SR3 ;)
  10. This stopped working after 1 session. Usually when I play, the city becomes a ghost town.

    Anything i'm doing wrong?
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