My Steelport emulator

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Minimaul, May 11, 2019.

  1. SR4. I actually unsubbed from every single Workshop thing I was subbed to. rip bionic arm
    Yet, beared no fruit.

    another edit: ok, uh... sr3 broke, somehow. whenever you use IAD, it puts you back to the plastic surgeon, clothed, and then if you try to press ESC, the game softlocks
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  2. I have this exact same issue, I'm going to try installing the Steam version of SRTT to see if that works for me.
  3. So this might be me being stupid but I've no clue how to get the characters to work. It just says I should go to the saints row site and log in with an account I don't have when I try to 'download' a character.
  4. If you've followed the instructions properly, it should work.
    What's exactly going wrong? Post a screenshot of what you're talking about.
  5. I mean it just looks like it doesn't detect the characters exist.
  6. Do the characters exist inside the "Characters" folder in MySteelportEmulator-1.1?
    You do understand that this emulator is for saving characters on your own computer? It doesn't let you access ones stored on the server that no longer exists.
    The prompt it gives you to log in is just there because that was part of the logic for the original system. Any password will work as a login.
  7. Sorry for the delay but yes, I have them downloaded and in the folder
  8. Take a screenshot of where you get up to when following the instructions, and describe exactly what is going wrong.
    You're making this a ballache to troubleshoot.
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