Mr. Greens (IdolNinja)

Discussion in 'Share your character' started by F13, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. F13


    " Sometimes miracles actually do happen." —Mike "IdolNinja" Watson, Sr. Community Developer—DSVolition

    Fix some busted PC ports with this character inspired by IdolNinja's SR2 character: Mr. Greens
    20200324171734_1.jpg -4878216320799783976.jpg

    TO INSTALL: extract IDOLNINJA.RAR using winRAR or 7zip, place the included files in your characters folder. Run MySteelportEmulator and find him in your character gallery.

    Special Thanks to:
    • Minimaul for making the Emulator
    • IdolNinja for his awesome work as a Community Manager

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