1. K

    SRTT - Caucasian WAIFU - no mod - cut scene PROVE!!

    Do i really need words? THIS IS MY WAIFU uhmmm legs waist back uhmmmmmmmmm still, even in cutscene, my waifu is still my waifu waifu with waifu car LORD plzzzZ, give me waifu LOL ==== vehicle that is tailored to this character is used by this tool SR3 Save Editor C
  2. K

    SRTT - Actually good looking hispanic - no mod - cut scene PROVE!!

    hispanic model too hard to made good? fear not!! no body got left behind!! introducing...... The Hispanic Hottie!!!! damn... that waist... if only....... err never mind again! cut scene prove!!! never let your waifu turned to a 3d mess. NEVER! cold face steel blade chill rain but...
  3. K

    SRTT - Actually good looking asian - no mod - cut scene PROVE!!

    Recently I started to play this game again, and i started adding some little mods to spice things up, then i found this community. I made this character ages ago, and i still thought this looks decent, thought i might just post it here. To share, and to remember. No mod needed, all vanilla...
  4. E

    Goro Majima

    needs an eyepatch
  5. J

    Character Customization is there a way to play as killbane

    is there a mod to play as kilbane
  6. KittyHawk

    Nicolas Cage

    Found out that an old save file for SR3 I had from when My Steelport was still active had a scarily accurate Nicolas Cage I had downloaded. Figured I'd upload it for anyone who wants to hunt for the national treasure in Steelport. Looks like it could be by MarcusGarlick, so there's Nic!
  7. F

    Mr. Greens (IdolNinja)

    " Sometimes miracles actually do happen." —Mike "IdolNinja" Watson, Sr. Community Developer—DSVolition Fix some busted PC ports with this character inspired by IdolNinja's SR2 character: Mr. Greens TO INSTALL: extract IDOLNINJA.RAR using winRAR or 7zip, place the included files in your...
  8. NarrowWatch

    Léon The Specialist

    *You need the DLC for the glasses*
  9. R

    Don't suppose anybody has the Saint's Row 2 basemesh?

    I'm a fledgling modeller looking to learn some good topology and I really enjoyed SR2. Not sure I'm up to the task of diving into hex (a bit beyond me, I'm a modeller!) - but if somebody had it lying around as a .obj or something, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  10. M

    I need help removing nudity mod

    guys, I installed a nudity mod, but I didn't back up the files before, could someone help me get censored again?
  11. Admixon

    Even More Skin Colors

    My next colorful mod for this amazing game. It adds 154 new skin colors for GoTR version. Screenshots Installation 1. Install GoTR first (required!) HERE 2. Download More Skin Colors.rar file and open it with WinRar or 7zip 3. Extract player_creation_skin_colors.xtbl and...
  12. TheKittenGamerYT

    Just wanted to show off my character! (No Download)

    Here is the character I made, he is based off the most rich criminal in the world Pablo Escobar , I will use him for myth hunting and other things! Name: Pablo Fatsobar Reference: Pablo Escobar (if he were fatter)
  13. MLVNRT

    Miss Shot A. Lot

    Character by MLVNRT Mod(s): SR4 Hairstyles for SR3 Update: 25/05/2019 Made some slight changes to the clothing and hairstyle. The original appeared a bit boring, so more colours were added. More screenshots were also added. 28/11/2019 save game added
  14. S

    God of Thunder (Mod Idea & Request)

    Ok first of all I know this might be too much to ask but I would like to share my thoughts on this To hop onto the hype train of Marvel's Cinematic Universe and for the sake of my personal fascination on this Marvel's character, Thor the God of Thunder, I present you, my ideas So this mod can...
  15. P

    requested mods

    homies/followers its a shame only 1 can be summoned hoping 3-5 followers following us in the game. button that remove party skin swapping you can swap your characters skin to following characters (The Boss, Dane Vogel, Shaundi, Jezebel, Pierce and etc) car warehouse/cars *button that can add...
  16. Truong_913

    Hot Female Character

    This is my character, I'm using GOG version so I can't upload my character to steelport :(
  17. Blackcr0wned

    Skinny & Abs (100%) | Skinny & more Skinny | Abs & more Abs | etc. - How you like it!

    Hey there! I created a little "mod" that changes your abs/muscles to more (I would say 100%) while staying skinny. You can use this for female and male characters, but on male ones (100% skinny) the abs are too much. Also works on a setting without 100% skinny, just try it out. And of course...

    Agents Of Mayhem's Characters will be customizable?

    Like Saints Row? or Agents Of Mayhem don't have nudity ? :o
  19. D

    Share your "Scary" character picture

    This is my scary character, I'm inspired by Count Orlok from Nosferatu
  20. D

    Who are the characters in this picture?

    Who are the characters in this picture?