1. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cleaner Costs v0.1: A Saints Row x PAYDAY2 Crossover Celebration

    Cleaner Costs v0.1 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: "Hey, HEY! Watch your shooting!" -- Bain === Description === Celebrating Saints Row x PAYDAY2 crossover, this mod implements the civilian kill penalty from PAYDAY2 to ALL Saints Row games on PC. When you kill...
  2. nclok1405

    [Classic/Remastered/SRIV] Dock and Hanger Crib Triggers v0.3

    Dock and Hanger Crib Triggers v0.3 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: This mod is compatible with both 2011 Classic and 2020 Remastered! Note you must install Loose Lua Patch first for the remaster. (Thanks @Rainzeros for confirming the remaster compatibility!) ===...
  3. Lupo Yutani

    SOLVED SRIV -Starting from scratch, help?

    I have a save in the beginning, the mods I tried were -Things to do Family -Things to do Naughty -Time control -Mission replay (Was removed) Everything seems to run fine and well until it came to the hubs, like they'd load, but either scrolling over certain items or even outfits causes...
  4. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Saints Row IV Jupiter Mining Corporation Mod

    I know people will immediately mention the need of an SDK, that's why I posted this in Off Topic instead of Mod Suggestions I've been rewatching Red Dwarf, and thought about the similarities between Red Dwarf and SRIV. If textures and models could be created of the ships and characters, then I...
  5. F13

    SRIV Closer Plastic Surgeon Camera

    This mod makes the plastic surgery camera zoom in closer to your face, so you get a better view when editing your character's face, hair, and makeup. SR:TT Version included here Gat out of Hell Version INSTALL: Place Player_cust_cameras_new.xtbl in your SRIV roots folder...
  6. F13

    Ported SRIV Outfits + Extra Clothing and Makeup Colors Mod

    This mod ports IdolNinja's and Firespite's extra clothing and extra makeup color for SRIV mod as well as most of the outfits from SRIV. You will need Minimaul's SRIV clothing mod, and Erza Scarlet's store menu mod for this to work. To install: Drop the 3 files in your Gat out of Hell roots...
  7. F13

    Mr. Greens (IdolNinja)

    " Sometimes miracles actually do happen." —Mike "IdolNinja" Watson, Sr. Community Developer—DSVolition Fix some busted PC ports with this character inspired by IdolNinja's SR2 character: Mr. Greens TO INSTALL: extract IDOLNINJA.RAR using winRAR or 7zip, place the included files in your...
  8. Zionulcan

    SOLVED SRIV Crashing After Applyin Graphics Settings

    So I Reinstalled Saints Row IV from GOG Because i messed up some files, But when the i Tried to launch it The game use Windowed Instead of Fullscreen and Ultra Presets ( Which My pc cant handle ) Then i tried To change the preset and set it to fullscreen but the game Immediately Crashed... I...
  9. F13

    Saints Row IV: Improved TOD

    This mod removes the green tint from the "Modern" Time of Day to make it look more natural To install: Simply extract the .RAR and place "modern_tod_override.xtbl" in your roots folder—where the .exe is I highly recommend using this mod with cRAZYSAINTS's Improved Water mod Special Thanks...
  10. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

    SuperUI for other games: SR2 | SRTT Classic | SRIV | SRGOOH SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: sriv_superui_v1.2.7z === Description === This mod enhances user interface of Saints Row IV in many ways. It also adds bonus features to some of the missions. NOTICE...
  11. M

    SWAT Outfit

    Hi,i was playing SRIV and i would like if there's a mod that adds the Swat outfit Since we have the SRTT Police uniform and the Steelport Guard uniform (Picture to show what im talkin about)
  12. dragonfly10

    Remove Clothing

    Hello, I wanna know what I should do to completely remove default clothing to make some room for new modded clothing (because I reached some kind of clothing limit that makes my stores glitch). Will it work if I just remove them from the customization_item.xtbl? I want to remove some clothing...
  13. dragonfly10

    Clusters Locations

    Hello, does anyone know what file controls where the clusters are located? I think there should be a file that controls the location and type of clusters. I tried looking at the collectibles.xtbl but haven't found anything about it.
  14. dragonfly10

    Is there a limit for the amount of clothing?

    Hello, I added a new mod in my game and after that the stores' interiors won't load and the game crashes. I was thinking that it was about the mod itself, but I removed other mod and it worked, then I re-added the removed mod and removed another different mod and it worked again. Maybe I reached...
  15. dragonfly10

    Sort by Name in Gateway

    Hello, I really wanna know if it's possible to sort Outfits & Vehicles by name, haven't found anything about it on the forum (or maybe I haven't searched correctly), then it is my request. I like to separate Outfits by categories, then it would be good to make it auto-sorting by name like the...
  16. dragonfly10

    Death from Above

    Hello, I wanna know if is there a way to make a cancel button, directional movement and use it in any direction for Death from Above? I want to use it as another flying method. For now I unlocked the camera in camera_free.xtbl, but the attack keeps going to the same direction. I really want to...
  17. nclok1405

    [SR2/SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Drowning v0.3

    Drowning v0.3 Mod by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: === Description === This mod makes all water and lava of Saints Row games super deadly. === Installation Steps for Saints Row 2 === To install, place "hotels.lua" file to...
  18. dragonfly10

    Panties Mod

    Can someone please make a little Panties Mod? I really want a high g-string for my character that can appear while using pants/skirt/shorts like in SR2, and the game has a lack of everything in customization, including an "awesome" amount of panties, I want to make my character feel like SR2...
  19. dragonfly10

    Fixing Annoying lipstick removal (works while on the ship)

    This is what I did in my game, it removed all restrictions about mouth customization, then I'm able to use any mask or whatever without removing the lipstick, and the lipstick is also appearing while on the ship. I just searched for Slot>mouth</ then I modified all those lines. Replace all...
  20. dragonfly10

    Modify Clothing Menu

    Hello, I want to know if there is a way to modify the Clothing Menu structure, for an example if I want to replace the gallery option for something else what file I should look to make this happen? Or if I want to duplicate an option of the Wardrobe like 2 hand clothing with different slots...