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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by 50percentJoe, May 10, 2012.

  1. If your not using Items3d how do you expect the mesh to show up in game :S, the mesh would have been addded into that so the other tables can refrence it as it lists the in game name aswell as the mesh without that all you have is the weapon name :p
  2. I installed the MeshModifications directory's files and the textures / meshes of all the other weapons that I've tried show up in the game just fine, except for the laser pistol, which doesn't show up at all. I don't believe the laser pistol's textures are modified at all by this mod (as per original post).

    I initially did not include the items_3d.xtbl file because...
    • I do not like the changes that it will do. Which, according to the readme file is "Items_3d.xtbl will make the grave digger double barreled only".
    • Even if it is included, the bug still happens (laser pistol still missing).
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  3. Ohh ok then but if you are not using all the files included in the mod im not suprised your having ishues :p, and Items3d is for mesh only textures are in items.vpp and are normaly used in a loose style as pegs to go in root along with main streaming weapons asm
    in the files you are using is ther one for the laser pistol? it could be somthing along lines of pistol_laser.cpeg, aslo have you tryed running Minimauls Stream2update to check its not an asm ishue?
  4. I searched for *laser* (all files containing the word 'laser' in their file names), in my SRTT directory but it can't find anything.

    I'll try this. I've only tried running Minimaul's Stream2update on SRIV, not SRTT. Is this (SR3 ASM_PC files updater) the equivalent tool for SRTT?

    I've also tried including it in my GoS installation (by putting it in the `1-MY_EXTRA_MODS` folder), but the 'invisible laser pistol' issue persists. (This is the same thing as using the ASM_PC files updater, right?)

    EDIT: Good news, everyone. The laser pistol is now visible again. I found a workaround: I removed all files in the MeshModifications folder, leaving only the files in the HandGun_Black and WeaponsTextures folders. If anyone knows of a solution that can leave in the meshes of the MeshModifications folder and keep the laser pistol visible, let me know.
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  5. Great Mod, Works Great!:D
  6. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    This mod is awesome it had me at golden hand guns.
  7. The black gun in the archive doesn't make the pistol entirely black like in this image, if you still happen to own that version of the pistol would you mind putting it up as a third option for the pistol? It would be really appreciated.
  8. These look real good. If you ever consider changing out the STAG rifles, I'd recommend something like the old school Lazer Tag rifle, I had one as a kid:)

  9. Can u change the damage please ? the cyber smg isnt that strong against STAG
  10. Tex


    Is there any way to bring the stun gun skin to Saints Row 4?
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