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Issues with Gentlemen of the Row

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by CrocodileGod, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. I recently bought Saints Row 2 from Steam and downloaded the Gentlemen of the Row mod.

    Unfortunately, the game has been crashing quite a bit.
    Sometimes if I use certain cheats it will crash. Sometimes when starting up the game it crashes when loading a save (I think I may have fixed this one though.)

    The biggest and most common problem is that the game will crash almost every time I do something involving clothing. Once it crashed as soon as I went to my crib wardrobe. Once it crashed when I tried to look at the hats in Impressions.
    But it always, without fail, will crash when I try to view an outfit. Usually it's one called "Idolninja's funky *I don't remember*"
    Idolninja's guide says to play the game windowed, but that made no difference.
    It also says I should delete a file called "profile.dat" in a THQ folder to prevent wardrobe crashes, but I can't find either of those things in the files.

    Also, none of the mods I chose for my custom patch are in the game. The muscle sliders, open pricing, open weapons, sandbox+, etc.
    None of them are showing up in game. I swear I replaced the files with my custom patch, but they just aren't showing up.