Issues with Gentlemen of the Row

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by CrocodileGod, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. I recently bought Saints Row 2 from Steam and downloaded the Gentlemen of the Row mod.

    Unfortunately, the game has been crashing quite a bit.
    Sometimes if I use certain cheats it will crash. Sometimes when starting up the game it crashes when loading a save (I think I may have fixed this one though.)

    The biggest and most common problem is that the game will crash almost every time I do something involving clothing. Once it crashed as soon as I went to my crib wardrobe. Once it crashed when I tried to look at the hats in Impressions.
    But it always, without fail, will crash when I try to view an outfit. Usually it's one called "Idolninja's funky *I don't remember*"
    Idolninja's guide says to play the game windowed, but that made no difference.
    It also says I should delete a file called "profile.dat" in a THQ folder to prevent wardrobe crashes, but I can't find either of those things in the files.

    Also, none of the mods I chose for my custom patch are in the game. The muscle sliders, open pricing, open weapons, sandbox+, etc.
    None of them are showing up in game. I swear I replaced the files with my custom patch, but they just aren't showing up.
  2. Did you manage to fix it? because im having the same issue as you.
  3. It's called IdolNinja's Funk, I have the outfit.

    I still don't know how everyone is getting crashes when the item is being selected. That profile.dat file is located in the Appdata local folder. Quicker way there is to open "Run", when the window opens type '%LocalAppData% and the App folder will open automatically, scroll down to THQ.

    %LocalAppData% - Opens local AppData folder C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local

  4. im not sure whats causing it ive tried reinstalling the game and the mod , creating new save files , deleting the Profile.dat as you suggested. i have a really good PC i have an i7 6700k and GTX 1070 and i also run the game of an SSD aswell. could this problem happen because of the new Windows 10 Spring update? because ive tried to fix this problem with no luck.
  5. I have the new Windows 10 Spring update and I don't have this issue. Do you have any other mods installed?

  6. nope no mods selected i just pressed P to build the Custom patch moved the files to main game directory and that was it.
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