1. M

    Game crashing when i load any particular save...

    so it used to work normally but now it just crashes each and every time i load a save file... plaese someonne help asap
  2. S

    SOLVED Notepad++ Crashes Upon Attempting to Open Any .XTBL File

    First off, I'm only publishing this here as I recently decided to check out the Remastered side of modding instead . However, this is a general issue I'm having across all the SR games I own (3, Remastered, & 4). Remastered just happens to be the game I'm trying to mod right now. That said, as...
  3. W

    Game fps drops to >5 after a while, usually while in a vehicle

    I have GOTR installed (no optional mods) and am running the game on windows 8. However, after about 20-30 minutes of playing the fps drops to an unplayable level. strangely enough it only seems to happen when in vehicles. The lag doesnt subside and when i go to the main menu and try reloading...
  4. N

    Saints Row 2 crashing after volition spraytag in intro

    Hey, I've had this problem for a while but it kept going between different places to crash. I've tried a ton of solutions, verifying game cache, a completely fresh install, deleting thq folder, )it happens with/without gotr), switching between drives, I have no solution
  5. U

    ultor mission start crash

    the Ultor mission that pops up in southern cross wont start, i just get a black screen then crash, every time i cant think of any possible way to work around this, i need help (i'm playing on steam) i really wanna finish this game so that i can move on to the next one, cus that's what I'm doing...
  6. V

    SOLVED crashing during appointed defender cutscene

    Hello there, I recently got ahold of a steam copy of Saints Row 2. I've pretty much(?) installed everything required to make the game run properly (GOTR). The game launches and runs fine for me (during the very first mission and freeroam etc) however when I try to do the Appointed Defender...
  7. R

    CO-OP through Steam causing game to crash on Linux.

    Hey, don't know if this is the place to go for help like this but I'll try my luck. My game seems to crash whenever steam executes joinlobby. It happens seemingly randomly. Sometimes I can watch the whole intro, sometimes I can go to the first cutscene or even the second, and then it crashes. I...
  8. Cowbell Bebop

    Re: Gang Bang crash/hang

    A bit of a warning I am using the "Things to Do in Steelport" mod. Other than it and the adult version I have no other mods installed. So, I'm really loving the mod, Steelport looks fantastic and the cars handle like a hot knife through butter. Super-amazing. This modding community really...
  9. A

    Crash After Intro Logos (Tried Everything)

    I just bought SR4 on steam and ever since I bought it I haven't been able to get past the logos. I've tried launching it in windowed mode, moving my game to the C drive, verifying files, reinstalling multiple times, contacting steam support, updating my drivers, and running the game as an...
  10. Zionulcan

    SOLVED SRIV Crashing After Applyin Graphics Settings

    So I Reinstalled Saints Row IV from GOG Because i messed up some files, But when the i Tried to launch it The game use Windowed Instead of Fullscreen and Ultra Presets ( Which My pc cant handle ) Then i tried To change the preset and set it to fullscreen but the game Immediately Crashed... I...
  11. ColbyDash

    Crashes at loading screen when ReShade is installed

    Hello! So i'll get straight to the point. I have been having this issue for a while and something similar happens with The Sims 4 and SRTT when I have ReShade installed in it too. I start up the game, get into the main menu, load my most recent game, and when it's done loading, it just cuts out...
  12. Trikopis

    MDMP. File

    Greetings, dear community members. I'm receiving crashes for a reason but I dont know how to deal with it. Can somebody help me please?
  13. azertyuioooop

    I have very specific problem with Saints Row IV

    When I'm in car customization menu for the Blade, if I put tire tread #5 and rim profile to "extra low profile" for both axles, the game crashes. If I do it separately there's no problem with the rear axles but if I do the same for the front axle, the game crashes but this time, only once I buy...
  14. B

    Can't start Saints row the third

    Hi everyone, I have just bought saints row the third from steam and everytime I start the game I get a whitebox with nothing in it where there usually is a selection of dx version, I can bypass this by opening the dx11 file in my game folder but then the game crashes after the intro videos. I...
  15. dragonfly10

    Is there a limit for the amount of clothing?

    Hello, I added a new mod in my game and after that the stores' interiors won't load and the game crashes. I was thinking that it was about the mod itself, but I removed other mod and it worked, then I re-added the removed mod and removed another different mod and it worked again. Maybe I reached...
  16. F

    Crashing on pyramid scheme mission completion

    I have completed this mission around 15 times now but everytime the cutscene is about to play after I've escaped from the facility my game just freezes. I have both GOTR installed and powertools and have tried without having the mods and having one at a time etc. I have also made sure to update...
  17. Shinhashi

    Random Crashing - Things To Do in Dominatrix (Family Friendly Edition)

    Good day, So I installed the mod compilation "Things To Do in Dominatrix" because it looked really fun. Got into the game, played around a bit but after some playtime it just closes. Theres no way for me to stop this from happening, it always crashes after a few minutes. I use the mod...
  18. CrocodileGod

    Issues with Gentlemen of the Row

    I recently bought Saints Row 2 from Steam and downloaded the Gentlemen of the Row mod. Unfortunately, the game has been crashing quite a bit. Sometimes if I use certain cheats it will crash. Sometimes when starting up the game it crashes when loading a save (I think I may have fixed this one...
  19. Mr.Ass Cheeks

    Player stats damaged

    I was playing and had this pop up "Player Stats are Damaged" and i tried saving and crashed now it will crash at 70%(Pc/steam) Yes i know The Pc Has bad Ports But it shouldn't just crash for no reason
  20. SR4 crashes instantly

    Hi, I'm having some issues with my game. I was playing normally today when it suddenly froze and now it doesn't want to start up. The "SR4 has stopped working" error pops right after i try to run the game. It doesn't even get to the loading screens. I've tried everything, verifying the integrity...