gang customization


    Other gang color SR1 changes

    Imagine a mod that makes the gangs in saints row 2 look like the gangs from saints. Row 1 would honestly be pretty cool. Like the brotherhood is the west side rollers because the gang is more populated by white people the vice Kings are sons of samdi and the lost carnales are the Ronin wood...
  2. Singa

    Improved Syndicate Saints For Gang Customization

    I've always been bothered with the Syndicate soldiers we unlock for Gang Customization. Their outfits are covered in stars and skulls, with not a single fleur-de-lis on them. And the Morningstar males have these horrible yellow ties and pins. This mod tries to solve that problem by editing all...
  3. Jay0120

    Ronin Cars for Saints

    What I'm looking for is to add all of the Ronin vehicles to the gang customization or replace some saints vehicles with the ronin ones
  4. Jay0120

    Gang Styles

    Is there a mod/cheat that unlocks all Gang Styles, cars and also combat styles? Like an auto unlock
  5. F

    replace gang vehicles?

    Is it possible to replace the default vehicles of the customization gang? by a bear instead of a standard car for example
  6. Singa

    Angel Saints Stripper Tramp Stamp Fix

    It took me until the other day to notice that the lower back tattoo on the angel costume stripper in gang customization was applied wrong. So I decided to fix this minor detail that has been present for over a decade. Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 2 .str2_pc...
  7. Singa

    Saints Row Rebooting Graffiti for Gang Customization

    This mod replaces one of the tag styles in your gang customization with the "Rebooting" graffiti from the Saints Row 5 teaser wall. The design will be visible in the tag style selection, as well as once the tag is completed, it will still show the vanilla tag during the tagging diversion, all...
  8. Y

    How to edit existing Gang styles

    Hi Guys, long time lurker here but decided to make an account as I finally started playing around with SR2 mods. I am trying to edit the bodyguards gang style to change the colors of their suit, remove the baseball caps, and glasses, to make a more professional mafioso type look. All I've...
  9. Aquanort

    SR2 Gang Customization Mod

  10. Aquanort

    Ronin As Homie Mod

    One of my favorite gangs in the series. If I had to pick a gang other than The Saints to join it would be The Ronin.
  11. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Johnny Gat In More Missions... Please?

    Without replacing any Main Characters within the game, could Johnny Gat replace one of the generic Saints models that appears in most of the cutscenes? Just so it feels like he's still included. Because having a Johnny Gat Homie mod was not as thrilling as I thought it would be. Especially...
  12. Gio Saunders

    (SR2) Able To Change Gang Colors

    I want a mod that allows players to change the gang colors from purple to other colors in the gang customization menu, this would be nice! (and please don't be rude about it!!!!)
  13. Randy Jackson

    How do you paste a textfile of a mod into another? (Murderbot homies mod help)

    Hello everyone, I hope y’all are well, like the clue in the title let’s get down to it: so I’m really really really really new to modding, what is easy for some is a brain aneurism for me, I need some assistance please, I’m trying to install the Murderbot Homies mod by DataSnake...
  14. GambitUser

    Post game gang control

    Hey, im using the GOTR for quite a while now and love it! Finished the game with it, and i love that i have still a few areas where i can go to fight other gangs thanks to the "Post game gang control" option! However, is there a way, with a mod or save game editor ( i had one in SR3 ) where i...
  15. D

    [Request] Purple-Colored Kaneda Gang Vehicle Customization

    Hi there, I've been having some issues with adding a purple-colored Kaneda into the gang vehicle selection and I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue. First off, I'd like to say that I did manage to get the Kaneda into the gang customization selection by just adding the...